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4 ways to use Peel & Stick in your home

Light coloured wooden table and chairs with Peel & Stick Sky Grey covering the wall behind.

There is no need for home renovations to be complicated. Here at Naturewall, our mission is to make upgrading your home simple and easy whilst making sure your walls look stylish and slick. Our Peel & Stick collection is the easiest way to create a stand-out design with no fuss. Installation only requires you to remove the papers on the back of each plank, then stick to the wall of your choice. Before applying, ensure your wall is clean and smooth. Once in position, use a J-roller to stick the plank firmly to your wall with ease.

With our two different ranges, you can leave a smooth finish or instead, add some texture with our Brushed planks. You can purchase in packs of 7 planks which is enough to cover 1m². The planks are separate to give you the freedom to choose the order in which they are laid. Get creative by placing them vertically, horizontally, or in your own pattern layout.

No nails, no screws, no glues. Simply Peel & Stick!

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Looking for some inspiration on how to use our Peel & Stick planks? We have got you covered. They are ideal for an instant update as they can be placed in any room. We have some ideas across four rooms to help you get started.

Peel & Stick planks and corner trims on a chimney breast with the tv mounted on the wall

Insert some luxury into your living room

Our living rooms tend to be the place where we go to for relaxing, socialising, and sometimes where we work from home. The space is arguably the most important room in the house and therefore needs to be versatile yet decorated in a way that is comfortable and on-trend. Section off one side of the room by highlighting the wall with Peel & Stick. Make this your spotlight area for your work from home desk to separate it from your lounging. These planks are perfect for feature walls to generate focus on whatever you desire. Decorate a chimney breast or central wall to mount your TV on to for a unique and cinematic display. Our corner trims are also available for a flawless finish around the edges.

Peel & Stick Planks on wall behind a oval shaped mirror

Image credit: Marldon Cabin

First impressions are key

Sometimes we can get so caught up on redecorating the main rooms that we live out of, that our hallways and lean-to areas get forgotten about. However, they are the paths we take to move around the house and are likely used the most. Not to mention that they are often the first impression a guest receives when entering your home. The swiftness of Peel & Stick installation makes changing up your hallway effortless. Offer guests a welcoming entrance with the golden tones of Natural Oak or Oiled Oak. Pair with wooden painted furniture pieces to store coats, shoes and other outdoor wear. Otherwise, take the minimalist approach with a distinctive mirror or contemporary art piece.

Grey and white themed bedroom. Bed with grey headboard. Wall behind has Sky Grey Peel & Stick planks on top half of the wall.

Image credit: henrickhouse

Headboards and half-walls

Adding planks to your bedroom walls is great for accentuating your current colour scheme and design choice. Continue with a grey theme by using Sky Grey planks or keep a clean and neutral look that will match all colours with Alaska. Mix up the styling by using the planks on half of a single wall. Place behind your bed for a bespoke headboard or next to a wardrobe to section out a dressing space. If you wish to extend the appearance of your room by width, stack the planks horizontally, or place them vertically to elongate the height.

Peel & Stick New Forest planks on back wall next to glass double doors. Dining table set in front.

Decorate your dining

Brighten up your dinning areas by using the self-adhesive New Forest planks. The natural wooden colour is warm and embracing for inviting guests over whilst remaining a classic addition to any décor. The lighter tones reflect the natural light offering you an energetic dining space. You can use the planks across a full wall and blend neatly into your kitchen as a splashback or a breakfast bar side cover.

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The versatility of our Peel & Stick planks are a wonderful addition to any home or commercial space. There is no need for any hassle with screws, nails or glue and they can be adapted to your liking. You have the ability to add a personal touch through layout, sizing and colour. No one wall will ever be the same making them truly bespoke, bringing luxury into your own home.