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Elevate Any Space with Waterproof Wall Panels

Elevate Any Space with Waterproof Wall Panels

Want a quick, easy and hassle-free way to transform a wall? Our wet wall panels are just the trick. With their imitation marble and wood effects, these styles add a nature-inspired touch wherever you use them. They're straightforward to install due to the tongue and groove design that slots together, so scaling your design to fit your space is super simple.

As the name suggests, our waterproof collection is highly resistant to moisture, so water droplets, condensation and the like can be wiped off whenever they occur. That's why they're a wise choice for areas like bars, kitchen islands and splashbacks behind worktops and sinks. However, you can use them anywhere you'd like to add texture, depth and natural tones, so they're just as beneficial to spaces like living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Read on to discover how versatile these styles are and find inspiration for your next decorating project.


Much faster and easier to install than tiles, our waterproof panels are a go-to for transforming bathroom walls. The moisture-resistant surface means you can wipe away water droplets or condensation that happens because of the humid environment. And with our marble-effect style, you can achieve the texture and look of stone in a more lightweight, sculptural format. The muted white tones are understated yet striking, making them the perfect match for quiet luxury schemes. They beautifully complement metallic or black hardware fixtures and earthy colours like green, terracotta and brown – shades that will make a bathroom feel homely and inviting. 

Bars and Kitchens

Waterproof panels are incredibly low-maintenance – all you need to keep them looking their best is a soft, damp cloth – making them ideal for bars and kitchens. A splashback is the ultimate spot for panelling because, whether cooking or making cocktails, it protects the wall from splashes and spills while adding character. You can make a stylish statement by opting for a standout shade that contrasts with your colour palette and continuing the panels along the width of your worktop. Neutral options complement minimalist and Scandi-style interiors, while black iterations offer a sleek, contemporary look. Adding shelving will break up the space, providing extra storage for kitchen essentials and bringing in further interest with decorative accessories.

Staircases and Hallways

High-traffic areas like stairs and halls are prone to mess, making waterproof panels a practical and stylish solution. Easy to cut for fitting around sloped angles and just as easy to install thanks to the tongue and groove fittings, our waterproof panelling allows you to overhaul these sometimes-forgotten areas in no time. Because the process is so straightforward, you can completely transform your space without undertaking a days-long renovation project.

Black wall panelling is an easy way to achieve a stunning staircase or high-impact hallway. It allows you to introduce depth and dimension, creating an intriguing interior. Furthermore, it provides a captivating backdrop to colour-pop accents in the foreground, from floral arrangements to wall art. Pairing dark panelling with white or neutral walls will make the space feel more open and airier, allowing you to design a dramatic feature while creating a welcoming vibe. 

Living Rooms

If you love the look of wood wall panelling but want a lightweight, low-maintenance alternative, opt for waterproof panels in oak or walnut wood-effect finishes. These styles are perfect for introducing a biophilic feel to living rooms. Whether it's an area you use to kick back and watch TV or a place to play games with family, the soft beige tones and textures inspired by organic forms help to create a comforting, relaxing ambience in living spaces. The panelling's dimensions cast subtle shadows, making the room feel warm and inviting at any time of day. Morning and afternoon sunlight provide a bright and airy feel, while the soft glow of table lamps and candlelight in the evening make it feel extra cosy. 

Dining Areas

Whether you live in a busy family home or frequently host dinner parties with friends, waterproof panels are a beautiful – and functional - way to elevate your dining area. They're great for areas where food and drinks are present because they're so easy to clean when spills and splashes happen.  

From a cocooning booth to a grand dining set, walnut-effect panelling will provide a warm background to any table setting. You can complement the panels' linear design with soft, rounded silhouettes, such as curved seating and plush cushions to create a sophisticated design scheme.