How to Create a Hidden Door Wall with Panels

From a secret entryway on a feature wall to a cleverly concealed cupboard, a disguised doorway adds a special touch to your space. Whether you've already planned your design or are seeking inspiration, discover how to create a hidden door with SlatWall.

How to install CorkWall tiles

Follow our fitting guide to best apply CorkWall tiles to your chosen surface for a long-lasting yet stylish design. Use Contact Spray Adhesive and a J-Roller to transform your interior with sustainable materials.

How to install SlatWall Waterproof panels

Naturewall’s SlatWall Waterproof is the perfect addition to upgrade your high humidity interior spaces. Follow our guide for a smooth and simple installation process, along with a series of top tips to get your home transformed in an instant.

How to maintain your Cedar panels

Ensure your Cedar panels always look great by following our guide to maintain their longevity. Personalise your panels with our Rubio Wood Creams or enhance the natural tones and textures of the wood using a clear UV Protection Oil. Check out our top tips on how to best care for your outdoor Cedar panels.

How to Install Cedar Slatted Panels

Naturewall's Cedar Slatted Panels are designed to give you a simple and easy way to transform your exteriors. Follow this guide to get you prepared and ready to install your outdoor panels with ease. Here you can find all the information you need to get started.