SlatWall Grand

Meet SlatWall Grand, where spatial breadth and natural beauty combine. We've taken our signature slatted wood wall panels and added another dimension by widening the slats and narrowing the gaps for a trendy-meets-timeless look. Featuring the 3D linear format and soundproofing properties you love, SlatWall Grand's enhanced proportions provide a luxurious look while introducing more texture and warmth to spaces. Explore the range of UK-crafted, large slat wood wall panels and find your perfect shade with a sample.



The highest price is £159.99


Bonded Not Stapled

SlatWall Grand panelling is fully bonded with high-strength adhesive, providing incomparable durability and longevity. With your feedback in mind, we've implemented this bonding method to craft better panelling that addresses all your installation issues. The adhesive bonding enhances the stability of your panelling during application and beyond, so whether you want to cut your panels to fit around fixtures like door frames and plug sockets or install them as they come, SlatWall Grand is the best option for your project.

Bring The Outdoors In

Crafted with natural wood veneer, SlatWall Grand features wider slats which emphasise the grain's organic characteristics, making it perfect for inclusion in contemporary or biophilic interiors. Both design themes use natural materials to introduce texture and warmth and evoke a serene atmosphere – qualities SlatWall Grand provides in abundance. Available in four neutral shades, this panelling is brimming with unique distinctions that will add depth and interest to your walls. Plus, the sound-absorbing structure enhances the acoustics of whichever room it's installed in.