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Made in Britain: Naturewall Accredited for UK Manufacturing

Made in Britain. A craftsperson in Naturewall’s UK factory making a chevron wood wall panel.

We're delighted to announce our membership of Made in Britain, an organisation bringing together businesses that champion UK manufacturing. Recognition from industry bodies is always an honour, and this accreditation allows us to adopt the official, protected Made in Britain mark to signify our UK craftsmanship and commitment to transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices.

As a growing Yorkshire-based company, we're passionate about our roots. We invest in local talent and infrastructure to bring our wood veneer and MDF wall panels to life, all while supporting the regional economy. Our craftspeople, creative and commercial teams work collectively across three sites in Beverley, Hull and Leeds to take products from initial concept to finished panelling.

Left: Three men making chevron wood wall panelling. Right: Man measuring a chevron wood panel and marking with a pencil.

Quality and sustainability are core values that inform everything we do. We’re the only UK manufacturer of SlatWall, allowing us to supply panels with a premium, high-end finish beyond compare. British craftsmanship also helps reduce our carbon footprint, as our products have much lower mileage than imported panels from other brands. Plus, it ensures we can maintain our impeccable quality standards by closely monitoring each step of the production process.

We’re incredibly proud of our status as a UK product manufacturer. This is why you can find references to our Made in Britain accreditation whenever you shop on 

John Pearce, chief executive of Made in Britain, said: 'We’re delighted that Naturewall has joined the community of more than 1200 British manufacturers. The more the mark is used and seen, the more it is recognised as a mark of quality. In addition to getting access to the official protected mark, Naturewall will also start to enjoy the many other benefits membership to Made in Britain brings … We look forward to watching Naturewall grow with our help and support.'

Left: A coffee table with an open laptop and wood panelling mood board. Right: two women sitting at the coffee table.

Looking to the future, we have ambitious plans that our UK craftsmanship will play a significant role in helping us achieve. We're expanding our team and production facilities, allowing us to add more dimensions to interiors. From creating ready-to-install panelling for DIYers and residential customers to bespoke creations for trade clients, we’re excited to bring more visions to life with beautiful wall coverings made in Britain.