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Introducing NEW CorkWall Tiles

Porto Beige on a hallway wall behind mid century modern side board

New product alert! We are so excited to announce our new natural and sustainable CorkWall. Yes, that’s right! Cork is making its way back into interior design, and you might not have expected it, or maybe it’s been on your radar, but it's back better than ever. Cork is an increasingly popular material due to its biodegradable and durable properties.

We have launched six NEW CorkWall tiles, varying in colours and patterns. Lagos Beige, Lagos White, Porto Beige, Evora Natural, Cascais Natural, and Aveiro Silver

Close up of Lagos Beige on the left and Lagos White on the right

Lagos Beige

Complete with a mixture of warm and cool shades, these marble effect panels are ideal for a variety of applications whether you are wanting to create a dining room biophilic feature or freshen up a living room media wall.

Lagos White

Create a truly bespoke wall covering that will brighten up your interior in an instant with a mixture of warm white shades. Add a smooth texture and subtle marble-effect to your walls.


 Porto beige close up on the left and Evora Natural on the right

Porto Beige

Using a mix of warm and cool shades, Porto Beige can coordinate with a variety of interiors. Complete with varying textures and authentic tonal variations, this CorkWall tile offers clean linear textures for a neutral and calming design.

Evora Natural

The linear patterns and structures of Evora Natural are ideal for bringing in warmth and variation to your sustainable interior design. Each tile has authentic tonal variation, highlighting the patterns of nature for a truly biophilic and serene atmosphere.

 Close up of Cascais Natural on the left and Aveiro Silver on the right

Cascais Natural

Cascais Natural highlights the authentic nature of eco-friendly cork by showcasing a warm marbling-effect, complete with organic patterning and tonal variation. Great for introducing calming and biophilic designs into your interior without compromising on contemporary style.

Aveiro Silver

Insert a touch of luxury into your home with the natural silver undertones of Aveiro Silver. Keep interiors cool with the pale grey tones and linear structure. The mixture of light and dark grey shades are reminiscent of traditional Japandi design, that allow you to add a new dimension to your wall without compromising on style.


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