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Introducing SlatWall Midi Panels and Top Trims

SlatWall Midi Walnut panels and coordinating Top Trim behind a marble side table and a white bed with various cushions.

Say hello to our two new product launches: SlatWall Midi panels and coordinating Top Trims. The latest addition to our SlatWall collection, these styles are designed to help you easily create half-height designs with a flawless finish.

SlatWall Midi offers a contemporary take on wainscoting, bringing classic wall panelling into the 21st century with its clean-lined, slatted structure. This panelling is available in three shades – Natural Oak, Natural Oak and Black, and Walnut – which showcase organic wood tones and grain patterns. Each panel measures 1.2m in height, allowing you to introduce texture to walls in a way that's subtler than floor-to-ceiling panelling but still as impactful.

SlatWall Midi is crafted at our UK workshop in Hull, East Yorkshire. Our skilled specialists make each panel by hand using carefully selected materials, including wood veneer, MDF and recycled felt. This ensures our premium quality standards are maintained at every stage of the production process.

In addition, we're launching two Top Trims that can be used alongside SlatWall Midi to give half-wall panelling a classic finishing touch. Available in Natural Oak and Walnut, our Top Trims are covered in wood veneer on all visible sides, ensuring the material's natural elegance can be seen from every angle. These trims boast a slightly more substantial profile than our slats for a statement-making final flourish.


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SlatWall Midi Natural Oak

Masterfully mixing minimalism and warm wood tones, this panelling is perfect for Scandi-style interiors with neutral schemes. The slats boast a natural-coloured core to coordinate with the oak wood veneer for a consistent, subtle finish.



SlatWall Midi Natural Oak and Black

This colourway showcases the soft shades of Natural Oak with additional depth and definition. It's all thanks to the slats' dark-coloured core, which provides extra shadowing to make the wood veneer stand out.



SlatWall Midi Walnut

A contemporary classic, Walnut works in various colour palettes and interior themes. Its warm undertones are a calming complement to earthy shades and, on the other hand, provide a contrasting counterpoint to cool neutrals.



Top Trim Natural Oak

Colour matched to our SlatWall Midi Natural Oak and Natural Oak and Black panels; this style lets you replicate the traditional finish of wainscoting in your contemporary wall panelling design.

Top Trim Walnut

This accessory colour coordinates with SlatWall Midi Walnut for a matching finish touch if you'd like your wall panelling to have a top rail or frame.


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