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3 ways to style your garden dining

3 ways to style your garden dining

We are half way through July, there’s an ongoing heatwave, and schools close for summer within the week. All signs lead to: SUMMER IS HERE. It is time to plan those BBQs and outdoor gatherings. Get inviting friends and family into your lovely gardens and spend time enjoying the uncharacteristic British weather.

If you are wanting to spruce up your garden beforehand, sometimes all it takes are some few easy steps. Plant some blooming flowers and put up hanging baskets for instant summer colour. Clean up dry leaves and hide away any tools lying around. Finally, creating a simple backdrop with Naturewall’s Cedar panel collection is the perfect way to upgrade your outdoors. Their natural durability make them ideal as fence panels, a decorative garden partition, or a stylish wall feature. Mix it up with additional wood creams to highlight your creativity, or maintain the natural textures and golden tones of the wood using UV Protection Oil.

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To live the true alfresco lifestyle, the decoration doesn’t stop there. Get ready to host your guests in style by decorating your entertainment area for a unique dining experience. Follow these three tips and tricks to help you enhance your event, making it time to remember.

Outdoor seating area. Table with small firepit, glasses and wine.

Transport yourselves to the Mediterranean

Whilst you are dreaming of being by the ocean, bring the holiday spirit to you and your guests with a Mediterranean theme. Whether you go full out, by pairing up foods with the décor, or simply add in extra materials and textures to give that coastline impression, the choice is up to you. Introduce a selection of blues and whites to mirror the landscapes of Santorini. Add in splashes of yellows, oranges, and burnt umber for a warm reminder of the Spanish sun. Finally, a touch of green, alongside subtle woods, to represent the European fan palm trees.

Using a variety of homeware is the perfect way to match these colours together with ease. Bring the inside to your outdoors with a mixture of bright glasses, rattan placemats, and bamboo utensils for serving. Hand painted plates are an excellent addition for adding personality and artistic interest. Try layering up the textures, on top of white linen tablecloths, in a mis-matched order for authentic Alfresco dining.

Outdoor seating area. Grey rattan sofas with white and grey soft furnishings. Cedar fence panels in the background

Be the centre of attention

To impress your guests, make a statement by creating an interesting centrepiece. Get creative and make your own, simply by placing flowers in a beautiful vase or display a range of different sized candles. For something with more extravagance, use full length summer garlands and decorative lanterns to boost the atmosphere. Add depth with large handcrafted wooden bowls and decadent terracotta jugs. You can use them for placing your centrepiece or serving food and drink.

If you wish to stick with the Mediterranean theme, use a mixture of traditional textures for a genuine feel. Try out various ceramics, light coloured stones, clay, and of course, natural wood. Your whole dining table will be a work of art, with your creation as the focal point.

Outdoor seating area with small firepit, glasses and wine bottle.

Set the mood

The mood of the event can depend on many circumstances. If you are choosing to host an full soiree into the early hours of the morning, you are going to need further comfort and lighting. For something more laid-back in the day time, allow yourself to bask in the sun or partition an area with shade. Opt for the a full dining table set up before your guests arrive when it is a special occasion. Otherwise, set up a buffet and tapas style platter to offer your guests the freedom of browsing.

Garden sofas are the best for relaxed socialising but that doesn’t mean you can’t dine out. Make use of coffee tables and decorate as you please. If you are keeping it casual, don’t worry about lack of furniture and space. Bringing out pieces from your inside continues the authenticity of Alfresco. You don’t need to overthink the placement of everything. Use what you have and throw blankets and cushions onto the floor, just like a picnic, if you are in need of extra seating.

To replicate the experiences of restaurants and bars, have everything prepared. Instantly set the scene by lighting the candles, chilling the drinks in ice buckets, and putting background music on. All before your guests arrive. For entertaining into the evening, hang up outdoor lanterns, church candles and tealights. Create the ultimate cosy atmosphere with extra throws and a fire pit burning in the middle.

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However you choose to dine, your outdoor spaces can be incredibly versatile for all your needs and occasions. A little added lighting and an array of table décor can be all it takes to incite luxury in your own home. Get those invitations out and start your planning. Follow the steps above for the best ways to showcase your personality and have a wonderful day and/or night.