Naturewall Slatwall Panel used in modern interior

How to install our SlatWall panels

Naturewall's best-selling SlatWall panels are simple and easy to install. We have basic guide to get you going and you can watch our fitting video to see just how easy fitting SlatWall is.

4 minute read

Easy to install semi-rigid and lightweight panels. Bond directly to wall with Grab Adhesive or use 35mm x 3.5mm screws to fix directly through the felt backing. Cut panels to size across the width using a fine-toothed handsaw or slice felt vertically with a sharp utility knife.

SlatWall panels surrounding a white door.

What do I need?

  • Tape Measure

  • Fine-toothed Hand Saw

  • Screwdriver

  • Pencil

  • Spirit Level

  • 15 x Black DryWall screws per panel 3.5mm x 35mm (use suitable wall plugs) 

  • Alternatively, you will need a Grab Adhesive and Caulking Gun if bonding to the wall.


If you have a specific installation question feel free to browse our help centre or contact our helpful customer care team.