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How We Make Our SlatWall Acoustic Wood Panels

SlatWall Smoked Oak acoustic wood panels on black felt

SlatWall panelling from Naturewall is unlike any other. Our dedication to trend-led design, expert craftsmanship and unparalleled quality sets our acoustic wood panels apart.
Our SlatWall panels are proudly made in the UK. The process starts at our creative studio in Leeds, where our in-house designers look at the latest interior trends to dream up our products. They also consider your feedback to ensure we're creating styles you'll love – after all, we're here to help you achieve your dream wall.
Next, our experts start sourcing materials and creating samples to refine the product, ensuring it meets our high standards. Once the design is finalised, it goes into production at our East Yorkshire workshop, where our skilled craftspeople carefully make all SlatWall acoustic panels by hand.


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A white and beige bed in front of a floor-to-ceiling headboard made from SlatWall Natural Oak on grey felt.


What are SlatWall acoustic panels made from?


To support our journey towards being more sustainable, we use materials derived from natural and recycled resources to make our SlatWall panelling. Each style is crafted from wood veneer, MDF and recycled felt. MDF is made from bonded wood fibres, making it free from knots and easy to cut. It doesn't warp or split, so you can be assured it'll maintain its straight profile. These qualities also make it perfect for our slatted wall panels' precise, linear structure. What's more, the felt backing we use is made from recycled plastic, preventing waste from going to landfill.


A breakfast bar featuring brown leather high chairs and SlatWall Grey Oak on grey felt.


The front-facing surface of each slat is covered in veneer, a paper-thin sheet of wood. It's more sustainable than solid planks as it uses less of the tree, allowing our planet's natural resources to go further. Due to the organic nature of wood veneer, the material has natural characteristics which lend variation to each SlatWall panel. Some of our styles have shade consistency or subtle differences. Others showcase a wide range of tones and grain patterns. To help you find your ideal colourway, we've created a variation scale with four classifications to explain the differences and the final effect you can expect to achieve. Find the definition of each classification here:



If you'd like your wall to have a harmonious appearance, we suggest opting for panelling with our 'Uniform' classification. Styles with this grade have fixed colouring throughout, offering a consistent finish.



Styles with our 'Slight' classification have some shade variation. This grade includes panelling with minor colour differences in similar tones, introducing subtle depth to your space.



Styles with our 'Moderate' classification have significantly different colours and grain patterns. We recommend choosing panelling with this grade if you'd like your wall to have an organic wood effect with natural distinctions.



We give our 'Substantial' classification to panels with maximum colour and grain pattern variation. As no two pieces are the same, this is the option to pick if you want your wall to have a unique appearance.


SlatWall Charcoal Black wall panelling behind a beige sofa and black table with a lantern candle.


You'll find the classification for each SlatWall style in the 'Dimensions and Details' section on the product page. We also recommend ordering samples of our acoustic wood panels to see how the different shades look in your chosen room's lighting and colour scheme. Please contact our customer service team if you need more advice with finding your ideal shade.


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