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Why Our SlatWall Panelling Is Britain’s Best

SlatWall Natural Oak panelling in a living room with a grey sofa, wood table, books and a beige marble vase with greenery.

Not all SlatWall is made equally. That's why we're going to show you exactly why SlatWall from Naturewall is Britain's best. With so many options to choose from, we understand the difficulty of knowing what to look for to ensure you’re getting the best quality product at the best price. So, we're here to help you choose the best option for your project by unpacking the features that set our SlatWall apart from the rest.


SlatWall Natural Oak wall panels behind a teal-blue velvet curtain and a glass of water on a wood table.


Expertly Crafted in the UK

All our SlatWall panels are expertly crafted in Beverley, East Yorkshire, at our state-of-the-art workshop. This is where we make, quality check and pack each panel, hand-finishing and inspecting each one to ensure it meets the premium standards we’ve conscientiously set. We don’t do cheap, low-quality imports drop shipped to your door like other brands because we recognise and appreciate the difference that the human touch from an expert craftsperson brings. That’s why we continuously invest in our UK facilities and craftspeople to bring you the best quality panels at the best possible price.


Fully Bonded with High-Strength Adhesive

On our SlatWall panelling, the entire back length of each slat is attached to the recycled felt with high-strength adhesive bonding. This enhances the overall strength and durability of the panelling and, ultimately, the lasting quality.

The stapled panels available from other brands result in hassle and limitations when it comes to installation – depending on where you cut the panel, you might need to repair it to get the look and finish you want. We’ve upgraded our production to use adhesive bonding because we heard your feedback that the staples could cause issues. You spoke, and we've listened, which is why we’ve made the best panelling even better with this upgrade.


Cut It However You Need

Walls come in all shapes and sizes, often with fixtures to consider – from door frames and plug sockets to sloped or curved angles. But our new and improved SlatWall panels can handle them all. As they're fully bonded, you can cut them however you need to fit your wall's dimensions and fixtures with the reassurance that they'll retain their structure. Plus, there are no staples to avoid and, therefore, no repairing to do after cutting, making our SlatWall panelling the easiest and fastest way to bring your vision to life.


SlatWall Midi Natural Oak panels and Top Trim on a dining room wall behind a table laid with flowers, candles, plates and glasses.


High-Quality Materials

We've carefully sourced and hand-selected all the materials we use to make SlatWall. For us, it's about providing you with the best quality and value, which means using the best possible materials. In our book, that means natural wood veneer (more on that next), precision-cut MDF and dense, sound-absorbing felt, which contains a minimum of 50% recycled plastic bottles to prevent waste from going to landfill.


Natural Wood Veneer

We use natural wood veneer sliced from the entire length of the tree log for the majority of our slats. As well as being a rarer – and hence, more premium – option, this provides the most beautiful look and finish. It showcases the wood's natural characteristics, providing the same aesthetic benefits of solid wood but in a lightweight format that allows our planet's resources to go further.


Smooth, Sanded Edges

Splinters and saw marks? You'll find them on panels from other suppliers but never on SlatWall from Naturewall. Our high-quality standards include slats with smooth, sanded edges, and this keen attention to detail sets our craftsmanship apart. Sanding the edges ensures a flawless finish and stunning appearance when the panelling is applied to your wall, so you can admire its depth and drama without unsightly distractions like saw marks or splinters. Additionally, sanding the slats' edges helps to minimise hazards not only to yourself during unboxing, cutting and installing, but also to children and pets once your dream wall is a reality.


SlatWall Natural Oak wall panels in a living room with a grey sofa, blue and brown accent chair a coffee table and vase of greenery.


Sturdy and Durable 

From the dense recycled backing which anchors the slats to the extra-strong adhesive that fully binds the felt and slats together, our SlatWall panels offer durability during installation and beyond. We spent months developing the bonding technique to get it exactly right. It took countless rounds of testing and refining, but we stuck with the process because we’re passionate about providing you with the best quality panels. As a result, you can be assured that our SlatWall panels will retain their structure and stability, whether cutting them to size or installing as they come.


Plastic-Free Protective Packaging

We believe in doing what we can to minimise environmental impact – including how we get your dream wall panelling to your door. In a world where many slat panels will turn up shrink-wrapped in single-use plastic film that’s doesn’t protect that panelling, we make sure SlatWall arrives at your door safely in fully recyclable cardboard packaging. We've also designed our boxes to include corner protection inside, so you can rest assured your SlatWall will arrive in one piece before responsibly disposing of the packaging.

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