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Naturewall are now on Trustpilot

Trustpilot logo on background of Natural Oak Peel and stick room display

We are officially on Trustpilot!

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Previously we have been using a range of review sites, but as the company has expanded we made the decision to switch to Trustpilot. Trustpilot is an internationally recognised digital platform that aim to bring businesses and customers together. Their key goals are to foster trust, inspire collaboration and create transparency. We believe making this transfer will allow us to interact and listen to our customers on a more informed level. Trustpilot’s star rating system provides us with an accurate outlook on your opinions. The TrustScore is based on the average of all reviews, similar to most sites, however they take into account the age and number of reviews gained. This way, it reflects recent feedback from customers to offer you an up to date overview of our company.

"A winner every time - great product, never fails me. I usually use this on my design projects however I took th eplunge and installed it in our own home! I am so please with the result and..." 5 star review from Giverny

Why are your reviews so important to us?

Once you have purchased a product, Trustpilot will automatically send out review requests based on service and the product itself. We really appreciate any feedback you can provide as it helps the company grow in a way that ensures great customer satisfaction. However you choose to rate us, the review will be public for future customers to make more informed decisions about their purchases. When you receive a request for a product review, we love to see images of your finished product!

We do our best to reply to all reviews to give thanks for your time. If you have any queries before writing your review, you are always welcome to check out our Help Centre or contact our customer service team at

Thank you very much to all customers who have already left us a review helping us to achieve our current 4.8 star rating.

"amazing product, so pleased looks great in our living built around the TV. Verry good quality as well looks very expensive" 5 star review from zoecarr
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