Java Teak Panels

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Colour: Java Teak


Exclusive rustic panel designed using reclaimed blocks of teak, showcasing beautiful pops of colour from traditional Javanese houses and fishing boats. Use to create a truly unique feature wall in your residential or commercial space. 

No trees are cut down to produce these panels making them 100% sustainable. All blocks have natural characteristics and colour variation.    

The Naturewall Difference

Naturewall Others
High-quality materials
Samples available to purchase
Yorkshire-based factory
Free UK express delivery

Dimensions and Details

Panel Size (mm) L630 x W200 x D18-20
Panels per pack 8
Coverage per pack 1m²
Pack Weight (kg) 12
Composition 100% reclaimed teak



  • Easy to install
  • 100% reclaimed teak blocks
  • Naturally weathered and completely unique 
  • Mismatched random pattern formation of blocks
  • FREE UK delivery
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Residential and Commercial use

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are 3D panels?

Each 3D Reclaimed panel measures 180 x 495mm.

How many m² does a box of 3D Reclaimed panels cover?

One pack of 3D Recliamed panels covers approximately 1.07m².

Can I install 3D panels on the ceiling?

Yes, you can. Simply apply our Hybrid Grab Adhesive to the back of each panel and apply pressure to adhere. We recommend adding a mechanical fixing such as a screw to the centre of each panel, ensuring it aligns with a ceiling joist.

How many 3D panels do I need?

Measure the height and width of your chosen space in metres, then multiply these values together. If you're installing Colorado panels, divide this number by 1.07. Round your answer up to calculate how many packs you'll need.

Why do I need to acclimatise my 3D panels?

As 3D panels are made from reclaimed wood, they can slightly expand and contract depending on the temperature of your room. We recommend acclimatising your panels by unboxing and placing them in your chosen room for at least three days before installation.

Can I install 3D panels near a radiator, cooker or fireplace?

3D panels may be installed near, but not in direct contact with, heat sources. We recommend installing 3D panels at least 45cm away from the heat source. Always acclimatise 3D panels for at least three days before installation.

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