Hybrid Grab Adhesive
Hybrid Grab Adhesive
Hybrid Grab Adhesive
Hybrid Grab Adhesive
Hybrid Grab Adhesive

High-strength and versatile

This hybrid grab adhesive is an excellent solution for the quick and easy installation of our decorative wall panels. Simply use with a sealant gun to apply on to the back of our panels and stick to your chosen surface, making your DIY projects easier than traditional wallpaper and paint.

With a high initial grab strength, this sealant has a fast curing process and remains flexible and non-corrosive over time. Adaptable to various environments, it is weather resistant making it ideal for internal and external use. Once dried, you are able to customise your designs by sanding and painting to achieve your desired look.

Suitable for bonding a wide range of materials including wood, steel, glass, concrete, and plaster, as well as outdoor composite substances. Perfect for all Naturewall products.

Choose from a grab adhesive and sealant gun bundle, or select a grab adhesive cartridge only.

Hybrid Grab Adhesive Interior and exterior

High-strength and versatile construction adhesive

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Dimensions and Details

Volume 290ml
Colour White
Purpose Adhesive and sealant. For internal and external use.
Application temperature range +5°C to +40°C
Service temperature range -40°C to +80°C
Base technology Hodgson Hybrid Polymer

Frequently Asked Questions

How much grab adhesive do I need per panel?

One grab adhesive cartridge will cover approximately three 2400mm x 60mm panels.

Can I paint over the grab adhesive?

Yes. Allow the grab adhesive to dry first then apply paint as desired.

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