SlatWall Waterproof walnut and black panels used in home bar area. Black walls with panelling and shelves in the centre


Enhance your room's atmosphere with the high-contrast tones of this SlatWall Waterproof Walnut and Black panelling. This style showcases wood-effect slats with black cores to introduce warmth and intensity to walls in residential and commercial interiors.

Suitable for installation in any room – especially those where humidity and moisture are present – this waterproof panelling is an effortless way to transform rooms like kitchens, bars and bathrooms. It has a wipeable surface, so cleaning and looking after your wall requires minimal effort.

Measuring 2.4m in length, each waterproof panel features a tongue and groove design for easy, modular installation. Singular panels cover a width of 168mm, with packs of three covering 486mm when slotted together.

SlatWall Waterproof panels and quick and easy to install with Hybrid Grab Adhesive. Complete your installation with waterproof accessories, including End Caps and Top Trims.

SlatWall Waterproof Walnut and Black

Premium quality waterproof wood-on-wood effect

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Natural Oak
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Walnut and Black
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Dimensions and Details

Panel (mm) W168 x H2400 x D18
Slat (mm) W27 x D13
Slats per panel 4
Width of 3 panels (mm) 486
Coverage (m²) 0.40 per panel
Finish Premium waterproof wood-on-wood effect
Composition 90% recycled polystyrene, 10% virgin materials including styrene-butadiene rubber
Variation Uniform - Consistent colour for a uniform appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the panels

SlatWall Waterproof is very simple to install either by bonding with grab adhesive or for ceiling installations we recommend mounting with screws through the panel and into your wall. Each panel has a tongue and a groove edging design for a seamless and modular fitting. View our fitting guide for more information.

What size are the panels?

You can view all of the measurements by clicking on the dimensions tab. Add your measurements to our coverage calculator to see how many panels you need. If you need more assistance, contact our helpful customer care team.

How many panels are in a pack?

Each pack comes with 3 panels that seamlessly interlock together to make a 486mm wide panel. You can also complete the look and cover up the exposed edge with our end caps.

Can I cut the panels?

All panels can be easily cut with a fine-toothed hand saw to create your desired length and width. We do not recommend using a circular saw or jigsaw as this may cause splinters in the material reducing the waterproof properties.

How do I clean the panels?

We recommend using normal soap and water to wipe down with a micro-fibre cloth. It’s as simple as that. Pay particular attention to any exposed sealant areas. Ensure to rinse and dry after use to help prevent build-up of residue and limescale.

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