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Creative Wall Panel Designs with SlatWall Mini

A Japandi-style living room featuring SlatWall Mini Walnut panels in alternating directions on a media wall with a fireplace.

Join us in welcoming a new addition to our SlatWall collection: SlatWall Mini. Exclusive to Naturewall, these wood wall panels help you achieve an impactful interior. The range includes eight styles in some of our best-selling colourways, featuring your most-loved slatted structure in an easy-to-handle square format.

When our in-house interior experts were designing the range, they took customisation and current trends into consideration. As a result, SlatWall Mini can be rotated in different directions to create a bespoke feature, ensuring your wall panel design has a touch of individuality. Our in-house Designer and Visual Stylist Olivia Crosher says, 'Being able to rotate SlatWall Mini panels horizontally and vertically means you can tailor the look to match your style. For a more maximalist look, alternate directions and create a bespoke pattern. To keep a minimalist and sleek look, keep all panels going in the same direction.'

Measuring 600mm x 600mm, each panel has an equal felt border along each edge for a flawless finish no matter which layout you choose. From a statement wall to a 3D art mural, you can create an eye-catching linear pattern by positioning them in a combination of directions. We recommend experimenting with your layout before installing to discover your desired effect.

Want some inspiration before you get started? Scroll down to see how we've styled the new range.


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How To Use SlatWall Mini in Your Wall Panel Design


SlatWall Mini is incredibly versatile – it can be used throughout your home to give walls a wow factor. Olivia says, 'By applying product to a full wall, you can create a feature wall that draws attention and anchors a room. This works particularly well on chimney breasts, media walls and bed head walls by drawing attention to the focal point of the room.' Read our recommendations for using it in different settings below:


Living room

Create an impressive feature in your living room with SlatWall Mini Walnut. As it's so easy to rotate and apply in multiple layouts, you can make a mesmerising wall in no time. For instance, installing it in an alternating grid pattern results in a linear checkerboard effect.

Our Walnut panelling boasts natural tone and grain pattern variation, so it's perfect for working into Japandi interior designs. To showcase the shade assortment, we suggest using muted neutrals as your base colour then layering with richer hues.

To fully embrace the Japandi aesthetic, include other organic textures – think clay, raffia and leather – and style with minimalist furniture. Finish with greenery to continue bringing the organic beauty of the outdoors inside.


SlatWall Mini Walnut panels on a fireplace media wall next to a beige sofa and coffee table with red and brown accessories.



Thanks to its easy-to-handle size, SlatWall Mini is great for adding interest to nooks and alcoves. Our Smoked Oak style is teeming with chocolatey tones that complement metallic accents – making it perfect for use in a home bar. As well as providing a beautiful backdrop to drinks trolleys and cocktail cabinets, it works wonderfully with mood lighting to evoke a cosy and relaxed ambience.

When choosing your colour scheme, opt for pale colours to provide a point of contrast. 'The rich finish can be offset with white walls to really make the panels pop. This is ideal if you want your space to feel bright and airy but still want to add interest and depth,' says Olivia.

Whether you're installing a full bar or transforming a kitchen corner, SlatWall Mini Smoked Oak can help you channel your favourite cocktail lounge at home. To recreate the intimate vibe, curate the space with sleek bar stools, cut-crystal glasses and contemporary barware. Remember to make a toast to your interior transformation!


A gold-tone drinks trolley with bottles and glasses in front of SlatWall Mini Smoked Oak panels in a home bar.



Give your home a hotel-luxe upgrade by pairing your bed with a dimensional headboard. Whether you apply SlatWall Mini from floor-to-ceiling or as a smaller accent, it'll make a stunning feature in your sleeping area. For a dramatic look, we suggest opting for the shadowy depths of our Charcoal Black colourway. We love how the simple act of rotating this style increases its intrigue. For an extra flourish, frame your design with panels in an alternative alignment.

Deep taupe shades are a great companion to Charcoal Black's darkness. Together, the tones produce a sophisticated look in all lighting conditions, ensuring your bedroom makes a statement from sunrise to sunset and back again.

Continue recreating the multi-sensory experience of a hotel stay by furnishing your room with sleek décor. Olivia's top tip? 'Add downlighters and floor lamps to cast interesting lighting on the linear shapes created by the panels to elevate your room even further.' Enhance the tactile quality of the space with crisp cotton sheets, stacks of pillows and a woven blanket. Spritz your favourite home fragrance as a final finishing touch.


SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black panelled headboard behind a neutral lamp and white bed with black and brown cushions.



Dog area or utility room

We believe every member of your household should have a SlatWall – pets included! Design a delightful dog area with SlatWall Mini. Our Grey Oak colourway boasts a mix of warm and cool tones that produce a serene, calming vibe, perfect for creating a peaceful place for your pooch to rest. Style the area with beautiful bowls and hooks to hang up their accessories.

No pets? No problem – there are several creative ways to use SlatWall Mini in utility rooms. From concealing appliances to adding texture to alcoves, it's a simple way to update functional features with contemporary style. Plus, the panelling's orderly formation offers a neat and tidy appearance.

We suggest pairing Grey Oak with subtle off-white shades to draw attention to your panels. Earthy hues also work wonderfully with this colourway – you can incorporate them through décor made from natural materials, such as wicker baskets and jute mats.


SlatWall Mini Grey Oak panels in a utility room alcove where a beige mixed-breed dog lies in a green bed next to a food bowl.


Home office

For a home office that makes you feel motivated, look to SlatWall Mini Oiled Oak. This colourway has a rich warmth, ideal for creating an inviting working-from-home space that promotes productivity. You can apply it to the wall behind your desk for the ultimate background in team video calls or use it to zone your working area in an open-plan interior. Simply install the panels on a section of your wall to encourage a sense of work-life balance. Furthermore, SlatWall Mini will introduce dimension to smaller spaces like alcove shelving – you'll have a beautiful built-in bookcase in no time.

Colour-wise, we suggest choosing soft beige shades and monochrome tones, as they elegantly complement the oiled finish. Angular furniture and clean-lined accessories also go great with the panelling's geometric format. Lastly, we recommend minimising distractions by styling your office with carefully curated objects, such as inspiring books, minimalist stationery and leafy houseplants.


3D wall art made from SlatWall Mini Oiled Oak panels behind a white chair and black desk with multicoloured accessories.


Dining room

SlatWall Mini Natural Oak is a beautiful addition to minimalist dining rooms. As Olivia states, 'With the panels having a very linear form, you can soften them with organic shapes and natural textures if you want to go for a more Scandi look. Pair with soft upholstered furniture and accessories with rounded silhouettes to create interest and provide a sophisticated design scheme.'

Whether you're decorating a dining room or zoning an open-plan area, SlatWall Mini will help you create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Use it in your seating section to transform it into a stunning setting. A cosy booth with a cushioned bench, statement table and curved chairs are ideal for everyday dining and dinner parties. Our top tip? Position your panels in a graphic formation to provide your tablescapes with a captivating backdrop. For a splash of colour, add a seasonal floral arrangement and patterned tableware.


A dining area with a brown table, green accessories and a creative wall design made with SlatWall Mini Natural Oak panels.


Plan your SlatWall Mini panelling design

Feeling inspired? Then it's time to start planning your design. Begin by ordering samples of your preferred colourways. This allows you to test them in your chosen room's lighting and colour scheme while getting a feel for the materials and finishes.

If you're planning a bespoke project or need further advice, get in touch with our expert customer service team – they're on hand to help bring your vision to life.


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What are SlatWall Mini panels made from?

SlatWall Mini is crafted in the UK at our East Yorkshire workshop from wood veneer, MDF and recycled felt backing. In fact, we upcycle materials from our SlatWall production to assemble Mini panels. We give surplus slats a new lease of life by hand-selecting the best sections and cutting them to size for SlatWall Mini's square format. This helps us to minimise unnecessary waste while supporting our efforts to be more sustainable.


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How do I install SlatWall Mini panels?

SlatWall Mini panels are quick and easy to install with screws or our Hybrid Grab Adhesive. For the complete step-by-step process, please read our SlatWall Mini fitting guide.


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Do SlatWall Mini panels improve acoustics?

SlatWall Mini's linear structure and recycled felt work together to improve the acoustics of your room. The slatted arrangement provides gaps for sound waves to vibrate in – rather than bounce off a flat surface – and the dense backing material helps to dampen sound, resulting in a quietening effect.

If you want to improve your interior's soundproofing, we recommend installing SlatWall Mini as a wall-to-wall panelling design. For maximised results, fix the panels to timber battens with mineral wool placed in the gaps between each batten.


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