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Master Contemporary Style with SlatWall Grand

SlatWall Grand Oiled Oak panels behind a green painting, a light-grey sofa with a dark green cushion and a gold side table.

Planning a contemporary interior design? Instead of reaching for paint or wallpaper to decorate your walls, opt for SlatWall Grand. Our new wall panels feature wider slats and smaller gaps to emphasise the wood's organic tones and grain, adding more interest and texture to walls than traditional options can. These enhanced proportions call to mind the timeless look of tongue and groove panelling. But we've added another dimension with our acoustic-enhancing, 3D slatted structure.

Contemporary style is underpinned by current trends, with a penchant for streamlined forms, a variety of natural materials and neutral tones paired with pops of colour. With its linear structure and abundance of natural character, it's easy to see why SlatWall Grand is the perfect choice for such schemes.

Here, we're breaking down the key features of contemporary interiors and sharing our top tips for styling SlatWall Grand in yours.

Contemporary-style bedroom featuring monochrome furniture, grey and pink accessories and SlatWall Grand Walnut panels.Clean Lines

Contemporary style blends elements of modernism, minimalism and of-the-moment trends, which results in an individualistic aesthetic where streamlined shapes and clean lines are customary. Like our original acoustic collection, SlatWall Grand panels have a linear structure, lending spaces a sleek, sophisticated look. We recommend balancing the panels' straight format with organic forms for a softening effect. This will add further interest while creating an elegant design scheme that epitomises quiet luxury.

Contemporary living room featuring SlatWall Grand Oiled Oak panels, styled with a neutral sofa, candles, books and ceramics.

Neutral and Monochrome Tones

Neutral and monochrome palettes prevail in contemporary design, with pops of colour from statement wall art or accent pieces. Off-white, beige and grey frequently act as a base hue, with tonal variations appearing through a breadth of complementary materials.

SlatWall Grand is available in four shades – Natural Oak, Oiled Oak, Walnut and Deep Walnut – to introduce warmth to interiors. Our oak options are ideal for light and airy spaces as they elevate the fresh feel with comforting warmth. Meanwhile, our walnut varieties add distinctive depth to earthy schemes and help to create a cosy ambience.

Contemporary interior design featuring SlatWall Grand Deep Walnut panels and a white bed with grey and blue pillows.

Layered Textures

SlatWall Grand's wide slats emphasise the wood's natural characteristics, making this panelling the perfect starting point for introducing texture to your room. You can then increase the tactility of the space by including inviting textiles such as jute rugs, tasselled blankets and waffle-knit pillows. When layering fabrics, play with contrasting finishes – combine nubby with smooth and woven with knitted. It's these juxtapositions that bring contemporary interiors to life.

SlatWall Grand Natural Oak panels in a contemporary living space with green chair, vase of lilies, books and a pendant light.Natural Materials

On SlatWall Grand panels, the front-facing surface of each slat is topped with wood veneer, with the wide dimensions making a focal point of the grain's organic characteristics. Bring in more natural elements through flooring and furnishings made from stone, metal and ceramic. Marble surfaces provide a fresh yet timeless feel, and textiles like leather, linen and jute will introduce more texture and depth.

SlatWall Grand Deep Walnut panels behind blue wall art, a white lamp, books, a candle, beige chain and marble console table.

Colour-Pop Accents

In contemporary style, brighter colours arrive in carefully considered accent pieces such as one-of-a-kind wall art or unique finds that bring a touch of individualism to spaces. You can also hint at vivid hues with smaller accessories such as eye-catching cushions, sculptural candles or coffee table books.

When styling SlatWall Grand, fresh green shades, from sage and olive to pine, provide cool-toned contrast to the warmth of oak panels and create a revitalising vibe. If you'd like a darker scheme with a grounding effect, pair earthy hues – think clay, terracotta and peppery grey – with our walnut shades.

Contemporary bedroom with SlatWall Grand Walnut panels, gold wall lights, a white lamp and a monochrome bed and side table.

Decorative Lighting

Create atmosphere in your interior with thoughtfully placed lighting. Contemporary interiors combine natural light sources with feature fixtures to achieve the desired ambience. To complete your scheme in style, choose simple yet statement-making lighting. Whether you want a softly diffused or a targeted glow, low-hanging pendant lamps and decorative wall lights will provide just the right amount of drama. Metallic accents, such as brushed brass, add extra warmth to complement the lights' gilded glow and SlatWall Grand's organic tones.