SlatWall Grand Deep Walnut

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Colour: Deep Walnut
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Featuring elegant dimensions and striking depth, SlatWall Grand Deep Walnut elevates interiors with sophisticated style. This panelling showcases an enhanced iteration of our signature slatted structure, with wider slats and narrow gaps to add further texture to walls. Along with the dense backing, the 3D linear format helps to reduce noise, enhancing your interior's acoustics.

SlatWall Grand Deep Walnut is crafted by us at our Yorkshire workshop, ensuring a high-quality finish beyond compare. Each panel is assembled from MDF slats topped with walnut wood veneer bonded to recycled felt with extra-strong adhesive. We've treated the slats with a protective oil to enhance the wood's natural tones and grain pattern. This produces a vivid warmth and rich finish that provides further intrigue and gorgeously complements fresh, neutral shades.

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Dimensions and Details

Panel Size (mm) W600 x H2400 or H3000 x D21
Slat Size (mm) W50 x D12
Felt Depth (mm) 9
Panel Coverage (m²) 1.44
Slats per panel 10
Panel Weight (kg) 12 or 15
Composition Real wood veneer, MDF core, recycled felt backing



  • Walnut wood veneer with an oiled finish
  • Black MDF core
  • Black recycled felt backing
  • Available in 2.4m and 3m
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Install with screws or Hybrid Grab Adhesive
  • Crafted in the UK

How It's Made

Britain's best SlatWall is crafted at our specialist workshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Using high-strength adhesive, we bond the entire back length of the slats to the recycled felt, enhancing the stability, durability and longevity of your panelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cut SlatWall panels?

You can cut SlatWall panels with a fine-toothed hand saw or power tools. If using the latter, remember to use the correct and suitable cutting blade to create a crisp cut line. We recommend performing a test cut first, if possible.

Can I install SlatWall panels in wet areas?

We recommend installing SlatWall panels in dry areas with low humidity and no water contact. For areas with high humidity or direct water contact, use our SlatWall Waterproof panels instead.

Why is this Britain's best SlatWall?

It's Britain's best SlatWall because it's made with your feedback in mind. It's crafted at our UK workshop with premium materials and production processes, ensuring the highest level of quality that other suppliers simply can't match. While they import theirs, we craft, quality check and pack Britain's best SlatWall at our base in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Can I paint, stain or oil SlatWall panels?

Yes, absolutely. Alternatively, we offer a range of Premium Oiled finishes.

How many SlatWall panels do I need?

Measure the height and width of your chosen space in metres, then multiply these values together. If you're installing 2.4m panels, divide your total by 1.44. If you are installing 3m panels, divide your total by 1.8. Round this number up to calculate how many panels you'll need.

Can Slatwall be fitted around or behind radiators?

Yes, SlatWall is suitable for installation around radiators. The adhesive bonding we use to attach the slats to the felt is fully cured and heat-resistant up to 150°C, which is much lower than the temperature produced by most radiators. However, we recommend keeping the wood veneer away from direct contact with radiators to maintain its beautiful finish.

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