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5 Tips for a beautiful bathroom

SlatWall Waterproof on wall behind white bath with black tap. Strip lighting to highlight the wood effect texture.

Here at Naturewall, we have a new product range launching that allows you to introduce the classic SlatWall design into your high-in-moisture areas. Our waterproof panels are the ideal next step in your home renovation projects to get your bathrooms looking sleek and stylish through wood panelling for bathroomsSlatWall Waterproof is the perfect alternative to bathroom wood panelling as it is much easier to clean and maintain, particularly in those rooms with high footfall.

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Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in any home. They are a place of solitude at the beginning and end of a day. They need to be versatile for getting ready whilst offering you a space to decompress after a long and stressful day. Despite this, bathroom designs are often overlooked.

There are some simple and easy upgrades you can make to your bathroom with wood effect panelling to create a dramatic change in an instant. We have 5 key areas to focus on to get you inspired to turn a standard bathroom into your own space of luxury. Make your bathroom the place to relax, unwind, and elevate your self-care routine.

 Two images showing different angles of same bathroom. Left: single panel behind round mirror and sink with bath on right-hand side. Right: Close up of panel behind mirror and sink.


Transform your bathroom for less

Sometimes all it takes is a little change to make a room feel more unique. Adding a single wooden wall panel immediately creates depth and interest wherever you choose to place it. Doing so in a bathroom is no different. It is the simplest way to decorate without the hassle of wallpaper and paint and will instantly enhance the atmosphere. Small changes make the biggest difference. Elevate the vanity area of your bathroom by placing waterproof wall panelling behind a circular mirror to offer a beautiful yet contemporary statement piece. The contrast of straight lines and the round edges of the mirror are an excellent way to add texture. Additionally, the mirror will offer the illusion of a larger and more open space, perfect for those smaller bathrooms with little light.

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Showcase your soaps

Got some left over panelling, or simply want to spruce up your shelving with waterproof individual slats? Get creative and use decorative panelling on the wall adjacent to your shelves. Not only does this turn an unused area of wall into something bespoke, your soaps and bath products become a feature of their own. Using amber glass bottles, shampoo bars, and natural loofahs will complete the clean and contemporary look.


SlatWall Walnut used as a feature wall in a bathroom. Close up showing behind sink and mirror.


Create a bathroom wall panelling feature

There is no reason you can’t create your very own feature wall in your bathroom, just as you might in other rooms. In fact, doing so in a bathroom is the perfect solution to a hotel and spa-like design that can easily be integrated into your design. Make your bath time routine evermore serene and soothing with the added luxury brought to you by a bathroom feature wall. Using darker colours, that contrast against white suites, brings in drama whilst offering you a warmer atmosphere for the ultimate home spa experience.


Make the most of a bright white

White bathroom suites are becoming the norm in households around the world. They are easy to maintain, match all designs, and keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean. Using white is an excellent choice for immediately brightening up a room, especially when some bathrooms do not have windows for natural light. However, it is not just your toilet, bath and sink that can bring in the brightness of white. Use a variety of textures and alternative white shades through tiling, flooring or even paint for the perfect pairing with a darker wood panelled wall. For example, check out our Walnut and Black waterproof panels for immediate contrast and that classic wood effect.


SlatWall Waterproof cover wall behind a white bath with black tap.


Add the finishing touches

Finish the look by softening straight lines with rounded edges through your bath and sink. Enhance the warm tones throughout the bathroom with statement taps in gold or use black taps for a sleek and stylish contrast. Similarly, placing smaller black accents around the bathroom is ideal for a little added drama. Think about using reed diffusers with black frosted glass, or small matte black shelves to display unique wall art or succulents.

Turn your bathroom into your very own sanctuary by focusing on enriching your senses. Adding in large plants that thrive off humidity, not only adds visual interest, but also give off relaxing aromas and increase the oxygen levels for improved wellbeing. Spider plants, philodendrons, agave plants or eucalyptus are all great options. Some plants can even be harvested for you to create a variety of bath salts and personal spa treatments. Lavender is the best example of this that had been proven to help with anxiety and fatigue, whilst also improving skincare.

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Focus on natural elements by enhancing the wood textures and tones of your bathroom wall panelling. Use a series of other natural materials and bring nature into your relaxation routine. Wooden bath stands are perfect for making the most out of your me time. However you choose to redecorate your bathroom, make sure you are creating a space to completely unwind at the end of the day, yet also has the ability to boost your mood for a productive start to the day.


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