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Transform your home for less using a single SlatWall panel

Transform your home for less using a single SlatWall panel

Our SlatWall panels are designed to add a touch of luxury into your home with ease and simplicity. However, you don’t always have to decorate a full wall with wood panelling to create an impact. There is so much you can do with a single panel to bring your inspiration to life, helping to reduce time and costs. All you have to do is choose the colour and where you are going to place the panel. Apply to your wall using grab adhesive on the back of the felt (or use screws) and your room is instantly transformed.

We have some ideas on how to use one SlatWall panel in various places throughout your home to refresh your interior decoration.

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Single slatwall panel on wall besides a mirror. Round dining table in the foreground with grey chairs around and a floral centrepiece.

Add texture to any room

Sometimes a wall needs that added something, but you may be unsure as to what this is. The best option is always adding texture to create visual interest and physical variation to your interior design. Texture is key when making a room feel more welcoming and finished. Layering up is easy with various decorative pieces from floor to ceiling. Mixing up your use of paint finishes from Satin to Matte, or placing rugs on hard wood floors are simple examples of adding texture. You may already have shelving, artwork or wallpaper as decoration on your walls, but wooden wall panels can bring you an extra layer as a tactile feature.

Not only do these wood panels offer you an extra contemporary feel that will compliment your current décor, you are also introducing natural materials into your home that have been proven to boost your mood. Using a single SlatWall panel can add the texture you need in your chosen room. Whether you are enhancing your bedroom or creating the illusion of division between two rooms (for example, between a kitchen and dining room), a single SlatWall panel can be all it takes. Place by a mirror as @my_home_journey_ on Instagram (pictured above) has done to increase your texture layers further with little to no effort. Let the mirror do it for you.


Chaise longue in front of single slatwall panel and house plant


Create interest in small forgotten areas

Our houses are full of wonderful spaces to design and decorate so we have a place to call our own. We often focus on the larger living spaces first but there are always other areas that could bring you joy. Hallways, as an example, are one of the most used spaces of our home. Developing this space will make the journey you take through the house inviting and much more enjoyable. Using a SlatWall panel will add texture, as previously mentioned, but also has the versatility to go anywhere. Get creative in your choice of placement. Accentuate a door frame on your hallway landing, line the centre of a wall to create sectioning, or even add some hooks and use next to your front door for hanging coats and jackets.

Alternatively, make the most out of smaller forgotten spaces and turn them into something you can use. It may be a blank corner or simply an extra part of a living room that needs a gap filling. Make yourself a nook, where you can read and relax, by placing down a rug, a large plant and a comfy chair of your choice. Perhaps this is a rattan egg chair to continue a Scandi design, or an elegant chaise longue for a touch of decadence. A single SlatWall panel is the quickest way to create a minimalist design for all occasions. No need to spend time deciding over a paint colour that may or may not match the design themes throughout the rest of the room, especially if your plan is to create a smaller segment. Instead, the natural wood colours of the wall panelling will blend in effortlessly.


Two images. Left: Slatwall behind TV close up. Right: SlatWall behind TV. Pink colour block of paint behind the tv.


Classic SlatWall panel designs made simple

We often see our customers get creative with their SlatWall panels designing custom headboards or unique feature walls. One of the most popular uses is to showcase a living room TV. All these classic SlatWall design ideas are excellent choices and can easily be adapted to a one-panel plan. There are endless options for creating a headboard, even with a single panel. Apply to your wall horizontally, in line with the top of your current bedframe, or even place vertically to elongate the visual height of your walls.

Mix up the placement of your panel by choosing to align it left or right instead of centre. Doing so gives you the chance to add other layers of texture and colour. This may be through colour blocking with paint or hanging up a mirror. Although using SlatWall panels to create a feature chimney breast for a TV mount is always a stimulating idea, using a single panel with a mixture of other textures can offer more depth and interest.

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Check out what @waitingforthenewbuild on Instagram has done by placing the panel to the left of the TV with a neutral pink shade colour block behind the TV. Adding in cane webbed furniture, a small chair and greenery is a perfect example that shows off the ideas from this post. They have made the most out of a small forgotten area of a room whilst bringing in colour and texture variations, still able to use SlatWall to make the TV a focal point in the living space.


These ideas for using a single SlatWall panel are ideal for keeping to your budgets, whilst also managing to create something beautiful and personalised to you. There are an infinite amount of ways to use wood wall panelling and the contemporary SlatWall design will only compliment your design trends and colour schemes. In using a single panel, you are helping yourself to reduce costs and the time spent on decorating. You will ultimately have more time and money to spend enjoying your home, ready for the autumn and winter months.


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Image sources: @my_home_journey_@_thenuthouse@gsimm_design, @waitingforthenewbuild