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Half-wall Panelling Ideas with SlatWall Midi

A hallway and staircase featuring half-wall panelling made with SlatWall Midi and a Top Trim in Natural Oak.

Say hello to the latest addition to your favourite collection: SlatWall Midi and Natural Oak Top Trims. Offering a classic-meets-contemporary aesthetic, these new styles make it easier than ever to bring your half-wall panelling ideas to life.

Spanning three SlatWall Midi styles and two types of Top Trim in complementary colourways, the range is inspired by current interior trends. The panels feature your most-loved slatted structure at a height measuring 1.2m, allowing you to introduce a different concept to your interior. Our Designer and Visual Stylist Olivia Crosher explains, 'SlatWall Midi provides a contemporary twist on wainscoting. For those wanting a mixture of Scandi minimalism with the traditional warmth of panelling, SlatWall Midi is perfect.' Handcrafted at our UK workshop in Hull, each style is cut with precision to help you achieve a completely straight edge with minimal effort.

In addition, you can complete your half-wall design with our new Top Trims. Designed with a slightly deeper profile than our slats, these trims provide a finished look with a statement flourish. They're also wrapped in veneer on the outward-facing sides, ensuring the wood grain's natural beauty is visible from every angle. As well as an edge trim, you can use Top Trims as a border for SlatWall Mini panelling or individually to create a bespoke design with a chunky SlatWall effect.


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How to use SlatWall Midi for half-wall panelling designs


'If you are wanting the effect of SlatWall but don’t want to commit to covering a full wall, SlatWall Midi is a great option,' explains Olivia. Here, we're sharing all our expert tips for styling SlatWall Midi and Top Trims in your home.


A white bed with beige cushions and a green blanket in front of half-wall panels made with SlatWall Midi Walnut and Top Trim.



SlatWall Midi's height makes it perfect for creating a character-filled feature headboard in your bedroom. Whether you want your headboard design to fit the width of your bed frame or stretch wall-to-wall, SlatWall Midi makes it simple and easy to make your idea a reality. 

You can take your half-wall headboard up a notch by applying it to a built-out ledge. As well as adding extra depth to your design, it creates a streamlined space that's just the right size for installing LED strip lighting. This will enhance the inviting ambience and give your bedroom a hotel-luxe vibe.

With its natural shade and pattern variation, Walnut Midi is one of our favourite colourways to introduce a biophilic element to bedrooms. Olivia suggests pairing this panelling with calming colours to promote a tranquil atmosphere – the perfect environment to help you relax and drift off to sleep. She says, 'The undertones in Walnut soften a cooler colour scheme and works particularly well with light grey, powder blue and charcoal.'

For a space you'll always look forward to unwinding in, style your room with sumptuous materials – think soft sheets layered with plush pillows for ultimate comfort. Continue the chic and cosy atmosphere with softly lit pendant lighting and a statement rug.


Greenery on top of a black table in front of a wall made from SlatWall Midi panels and Top Trim in Natural Oak and Black.



As it's the first and last room you and your guests see, your hallway sets the tone for the rest of your interior. For a lasting impression, introduce an interesting visual element with half-wall panelling. SlatWall Midi will add a contemporary look to passages in any space, from modern residences to period properties. Whether you're working with a wide or narrow area, it will ensure visitors are wowed from the moment they set foot in the door.

For a warm welcome, we suggest installing our Natural Oak style. Its soft shades and organic grain patterning will help you create an inviting atmosphere. For higher contrast, choose Natural Oak and Black. The slats have a black MDF core for further shadowing to make the wood veneer stand out.

Warm neutral shades and earthy hues are the ideal companions to these colourways. Olivia suggests choosing 'a light-coloured neutral paint to cover the top half of your wall to really brighten a room. On the other hand, you can use coloured or dark-neutral paint to bring in tones that will complement the wood and add character to your room if you have a particular colour scheme or interior theme throughout the space. If you want an earthy colour palette, pair green or terracotta paint colours with SlatWall Midi to create a warm and calming interior scheme.'

Carry on making your high-traffic area a joy to journey through with stylish and functional furniture. As well as acting as a home for everyday items like keys and post, a console table provides a surface for ornamental objects, such as a flower-filled vase or a lamp for mellow mood lighting. Olivia says, 'By putting furniture with large accessories in front of the panelling, such as a high side table with a mirror and table lamp, you're able to add interest while keeping it minimal. SlatWall Midi provides a great backdrop by adding depth and texture while allowing the focus to be on a feature piece of furniture or accessory in the foreground.'


How to use Top Trims in half-wall panelling designs


As deep as they are wide, our Top Trims are slightly more substantial than our slats to give your design a statement finish. Sawn from MDF and encased in veneer, they have a straight profile for seamless alignment with SlatWall Midi, so you can effortlessly achieve a flawless finish.

If you love the look of wainscoting, we suggest using Top Trims for a classic finish. As Olivia explains, 'Installing the SlatWall Midi Top Trim above the panels creates a more traditional look by framing the half-height panelling and making a feature of the transition. You could also use the Top Trim as a picture rail to utilise the space above and provide a blank canvas behind prints and paintings to make them pop against the slatted panelling below.'


Left: Walnut Top Trim above coordinating SlatWall Midi panels. Right: Natural Oak Top Trim above matching SlatWall Midi panels.


What are SlatWall Midi and Top Trims made from?

Like all our slatted panels, SlatWall Midi is handmade by skilled craftspeople in Yorkshire. We source the best materials – MDF, wood veneer and recycled felt – to ensure longevity in your wall design.

SlatWall Midi's slatted structure and dense backing both help to improve your room's acoustics. The 3D linear formation provides pockets for sound waves to vibrate while the felt material dampens sound. Together, they have a quietening effect.

Our Top Trims are made from MDF encased in wood veneer, ensuring the grain pattern can be seen from every angle after installation. MDF offers straight edges for a precision finish, while wood veneer provides a consistent appearance. It's also more sustainable than solid wood planks as it uses less of the tree, allowing natural resources to go further.


How do I install SlatWall Midi panels and Top Trims?

SlatWall Midi panels are simple and easy to install with screws or our Hybrid Grab Adhesive. Top Trims are just as straightforward to apply – all you need is our Hybrid Grab Adhesive. For more information, please read our fitting guides.


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