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New Dimensions to Decorate Your Walls Your Way

Green Tongue and Groove wall panelling in a dining room with a neutral table, two-tone woven chairs and grey accessories.

Individualistic interiors are the way forward. As our resident designer and stylist, Olivia Crosher, says, 2024 will be the year interiors move away from cookie-cutter schemes towards more personal spaces. So, we're introducing three new customisable dimensions: Tongue and Groove panelling, Reeded and Fluted wall panels.

Inspired by state-of-the-art interiors, these panelling profiles help you achieve a luxurious look at home. They've been years in the making, with multiple rounds of testing and refining to get them just right. We've created these alluring designs using innovative technology at our Yorkshire workshop. As a result, they epitomise precision craftsmanship, premium quality and striking beauty. And because they're Naturewall panels, they're designed with easy installation in mind. Each style has a simple butt-joint fitting; align the panels next to each other and conceal any gaps with caulk for a flawless finish.

Tongue and Groove, Reeded Fine and Fluted wall panel samples in unprimed and primed MDF and blue, neutral and black paint.We've designed these styles to help you achieve a more individual interior. All it takes is three steps: choose, create and customise. Pick your profile, install your panels and paint them in your desired colour. It's your walls your way.

Explore the new designs below, from the details that define them to Olivia's placement recommendations and expert styling tips.

Tongue and Groove Wall Panels

Left: primed Tongue & Groove sample held up against unprimed wall panels. Right: green painted Tongue & Groove wall panels.

Inspired by traditional shiplap panelling, our new Tongue and Groove wall panels are designed to help you achieve a timeless interior. Characterised by the vertical V-shaped grooves, this panelling adds subtle depth to walls – perfect for elevating plain surfaces with a little dimension.

Olivia recommends emphasising this discreet look by painting the panels in soft shades. She advises, 'Muted colours and neutrals work best for that "quiet luxury" aesthetic. This profile is more subtle, so mellow browns, creams and greens work in harmony with the profile to create a soft and welcoming space.'

Left: Painted, primed and unprimed Tongue & Groove samples stacked on top of each other. Right: primed Dado Rail above Midi panels.

Tongue and Groove panels are available in two heights that provide a traditional look: 2.4m for floor-to-ceiling installations and a 'Midi' height of 0.9m for dado level. 'Use the Midi panels with a top trim in a hallway to give an otherwise sometimes-forgotten space more interest,' suggests Olivia. You can then include more decor on the upper wall. 'Add pictures, prints and wall lights above the panelling for further interest.' Not to mention a personal finishing touch. Whichever height you choose, you can achieve an interior design that transcends time. 'The traditional look of Tongue and Groove is reminiscent of country homes and cottages,' she says, making it ideal for giving areas like boot rooms and bathrooms a chic farmhouse feel.

Reeded Wall Panels

Left: unprimed Reeded Fine MDF wall panels. Right: light-blue painted Reeded Fine sample held up against primed panelling.

Our new Reeded wall panels are forward-thinking with a touch of familiarity. You may have spotted this style before – it's a favourite in commercial spaces like luxury hotels and beauty studios – and now, we've put a Naturewall spin on it and are making it accessible to all.

Unprimed, primed and painted Reeded Fine MDF wall panel samples.Defined by convex curves across the surface, our Reeded panelling introduces a ribbed effect to walls, giving spaces a contemporary, distinctive feel. Spaces with lower square footage provide the ideal canvas for this profile. 'Reeded Fine is perfect for smaller areas where you want to introduce detail and texture,' says Olivia. 'It works great behind shelving, in alcoves in a living room and behind a desk or dressing area.' For cohesion, she recommends painting your panels in the same shade as your walls, 'This will add interest to the areas of the panel without being overpowering, giving the impact of subtle texture and depth in a space.'

Fluted Wall Panels

Left: Neutral painted Fluted sample held up against primed MDF wall panels. Right: neutral painted Fluted wall panels.

Playful yet elegant, Fluted panelling is ideal for adding personality to walls in any space. This style boasts a contemporary, awe-inspiring quality due to its rigorous production process. We make the panels from Hidrofugo MDF, a high-performance, moisture-resistant material you can confidently use in any room, including high-humidity areas, to bring a sense of awe to the space. We've machined the material with vertical concave curves, creating peaks and valleys across the surface. This results in a scalloped effect, which brings a wonderfully whimsical touch to walls.

Unprimed, primed and painted Fluted MDF wall panel samples.

In Olivia's words, 'The Fluted profile can be used on larger surfaces to create impact and interesting shadows. It works well on bedhead walls, kitchen islands and bars.' If you want to make a statement in these areas, she suggests painting the panelling in a different hue to your other walls. 'Go for a bold, contrasting colour to the rest of the room. For example, if you have light-painted or wood kitchen cupboards, go for a deep and rich colour – an almost black or deep blue. This will create drama.'