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Styling our Cedar Slatted Panels based on this years’ top garden trends

Cedar Slatted Fencing Bundle
Over the past two years we have all been spending more time at home for work and leisure. With a re-ignited love for our gardens, we have seen the blurring of boundaries between our outdoor and indoor spaces. Experts are calling gardens the ‘fifth room’ – with every reason to bring your interior style outside!

From entertaining areas to host guests to relaxing spots for a quiet cup of tea, we have some inspiration on how to style up your outdoor spaces based on this years’ top garden trends…

Natural Materials 

One of the biggest interior trends taking us through 2022 is natural materials. This can be taken outside to create a seamless transition to your outdoor space to inject your on-trend interior style. Layer popular materials such as timber, stone, linen and cotton through furniture, cushions, and accessories to achieve the look designers are swooning over. Luckily, our cedar panels create a stunning backdrop for these materials to work with – complimenting a range of materials, colours, and textures!

Outdoor accessories

Accessorising is key to creating a well-considered and sophisticated space that resembles your personal style - your garden should be no exception. Elevate your furniture with cushions and throws to create that inside-outside feeling. For those who like to create a cosy vibe for when the sun starts to set, add candles to your tables and oversized lanterns to elevate your entertaining spaces.

If you are planning on vamping up your garden for the Jubilee Bank Holiday, there is still time to receive your cedar panels if you pre-order now!


Zoning is a technique championed by designers, particularly since we have adapted a multi-functional outlook on our homes. Installing our cedar panels onto an existing wall or fence instantly establishes a focal point, which creates a stand-out area within your garden. It’s easy to follow the big interior trend of creating your ‘fifth room’ by adding an outdoor rug to create that lived-in feel.

From a lively entertaining area to a quiet corner to enjoy a morning coffee, it is simple to define a space no matter the size of your garden. Experiment with applying our single panels or individual slats horizontally or vertically to establish your zone!

Luxe Furniture

With us spending more time in our gardens, now is the time to really invest in some quality outdoor furniture. This will establish a luxurious and high end feel but will also ensure your furniture lasts throughout the seasons.

Top tip: Go for large furniture pieces that are simple and classic designs. These are guaranteed to give a great foundation to style up with different cushions, throws and accessories as trends change each year.



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