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Introducing Our New SlatWall Mini Panels

SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black bed headboard next to a white lamp and black and brown cushions

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new range, SlatWall Mini panels! Exclusive to Naturewall, these new styles are an extension of our best-selling SlatWall collection. The selection spans eight colourways featuring our signature slatted wood structure.

Designed in a square shape measuring 600 x 600mm, each SlatWall Mini panel has a 6.5mm felt border at each edge, allowing it to be rotated in multiple layouts without cutting. This allows you to create a patterned wall design and achieve a flawless finish on your desired effect.

SlatWall Mini also supports our efforts to be more sustainable. The range is crafted in the UK at our Hull workshop by skilled specialists using excess materials from our SlatWall production – namely, real wood veneer, MDF and recycled felt. We take the best parts of surplus slats and re-cut them to size for SlatWall Mini panels, reducing unnecessary waste. Each option is also available as a single panel or packs of four, making it easier to buy what you need.


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Designed in response to current interior trends, including Japandi and biophilic style, SlatWall Mini is a quick and easy way to elevate your interior with a nature-inspired touch. With its linear formation and beautiful finishes, this panelling will also add a dose of sleek sophistication to your room.

Discover the eight new styles that make up our SlatWall Mini collection:



Natural Oak

Introduce biophilic design to your space with this panelling. Its warm wood tones and natural grain patterning are perfect for bringing an element of outdoor living inside. This style works wonderfully with neutral and earthy palettes.

Natural Oak and Black

The slats on this panelling boast a black core for extra shadowing. As well as giving your wall more depth, the dark sides make the wood veneer pop, ensuring your wall design is the centre of attention.

photo of oiled slatwall mini product



Oiled Oak

Offering a slightly deeper colour, this style is perfect for creating a visually appealing focal point. To achieve the richer finish, we've treated our Natural Oak slats with a protective oil which nourishes the wood and gives it a golden warmth.

Oiled Oak and Black

Featuring black-cored slats for added depth, this style emphasises the rich tones of the oiled oak wood veneer. We suggest using this panelling in biophilic interiors to give the space a rich, natural warmth.



Add a Japandi vibe to your room with our walnut wood veneer panelling. This style highlights natural tone and pattern variations, making it ideal for bringing nature's distinctive beauty indoors.

Grey Oak

With its 3D design and linear lines, this style is perfect for making over minimalist spaces. It beautifully blends warm and cool tones, making it a striking companion to monochrome and neutral palettes.


Smoked Oak

Looking to add drama and intrigue to your room? Opt for this panelling – its smoky brown shades will instantly enrich moody interiors. Finishing touches like metallic accents and lush greenery will enhance the luxe vibe.

Charcoal Black

Discover your dark side with our blackened wood slat panels. The tone-on-tone effect of the veneer, core and felt gives this style a fascinating depth. It's ideal for adding a touch of mystery to your room.


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