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Our New Manufacturing Technique: Bonding Line

A man with his hand on top of a SlatWall Natural Oak panel on the adhesive bonding line in Naturewall's factory.

You asked for high-quality, easy-to-install SlatWall panels, and we've listened. Based on your feedback that the staples often got in the way of bringing your dream wall to life, we've implemented a game-changing improvement to our SlatWall manufacturing – a high-performance bonding line. And we're delighted to announce this pioneering upgrade is now in full force at our industry-leading workshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Over the past year, we’ve invested over a million pounds in our UK production facilities, streamlining our manufacturing methods and expanding our capabilities, allowing us to pass on more benefits to you, our valued customers.

That's where our brand-new bonding line comes in. This machinery is an innovative development that we’re pioneering and disrupting the slat panelling industry with, as it allows us to make the best SlatWall on the market even better. We use it to bond the slats to the felt with heat-activated high-strength adhesive, improving the durability, longevity and, ultimately, the quality of the panels we create for your projects. Alongside the financial investment, we've also spent months doing countless rounds of testing to get the process and product just right. Discover how our new bonding line helps us to make Britain’s best SlatWall even better.


A craftsperson monitors a SlatWall Natural Oak panel coming out of the adhesive bonding line.


What is the bonding line?

Our heat-activated bonding line is the cutting-edge machinery we use for attaching the slats to the felt, replacing the staples we previously used. This is a new technique in our SlatWall manufacturing and one that allows us to produce stronger panels that make installation easier. It applies a precise amount of high-strength adhesive to adhere the materials together, creating an extra-strong bond that enhances the panelling's durability and lasting quality. As a result, you can easily cut the panel however you need without repairing it afterwards, making it even faster to install.


Natural Oak wood slats stacked in rows on top of a pallet.


What does this new production method mean for you?

Walls come in all shapes and sizes, and this new production method makes it easier than ever to bring your vision to life. The high-performance adhesive bonding strengthens the panelling, enhancing its durability and longevity. It means you can cut it however you need to fit the dimensions of your wall, whether it includes a curve, slope or any other angle. Not to mention fixtures like door frames, skirting boards and sockets. But rest assured, this new and improved SlatWall can handle them all. So, whether installing your panels as they come or resizing them to suit your project's requirements, Britain's best SlatWall is for you. 


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