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Design a bespoke installation with MDF wall panelling kits. Perfect for adding character to interiors, each pack contains eight pre-cut strips for creating dado level, half wall, picture rail or floor-to-ceiling Shaker-style panelling in a square or rectangular layout.

Versatile and adaptable, this MDF panelling kit offers multiple layout options; customise the design to suit your stylistic preferences and the dimensions of your wall – use as many kits as you need to fit the scale of your project and cut the strips to size if required. Choose from two strip widths to suit your desired aesthetic; 63mm offers a subtle effect, while 97mm provides a more statement look. You can also paint them in any shade or finish to complement your palette and décor.

Made from moisture-resistant MDF, the strips are suitable for installation in any room, including humid areas. Fix them to your wall with pins and Hybrid Grab Adhesive before treating them with a water-based primer to ensure the best result when painting.

Complete your installation by giving your Shaker-style panelling a traditional finishing touch with a decorative Dado Rail or a minimalist MDF Top Trim.

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Dimensions and Details

Panel size (mm) W63 or 97 x H1200 x D9mm



  • Eight strips per pack
  • Moisture-resistant MDF
  • Available in two widths: 63mm or
  • Available unprimed
  • Crafted in the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in an MDF Wall Panelling Kit?

Each kit contains eight strips. Each strip measures: 1200mm (H) x 9mm (D) x63mm or 97mm (W). You can choose the width based on your preferences.

How do I install the MDF Wall Panelling Kit?

Simply apply Hybrid Grab Adhesive to the back of each strip and apply pressure to adhere it to the wall. We also recommend pinning each 1200mm strip with a maximum of three (1.4mm x 20mm) pins to aid adhesion. Please see our fitting guide for more information. 

Do I need to prime my MDF Wall Panelling Kit?

Only if you choose ‘Unprimed’ panels, in which case you’ll need to treat them with a water-based primer before installing. If your panels are unprimed, cover them with at least two coats of water-based primer – or until your desired coverage is reached. We recommend sanding lightly before and between primer coats for the best result. If you pick the ‘Primed’ option, your panels will arrive ready to install and paint.

Do I need to prep and paint my wall first?

Yes. Remove any screws, nails or other fixtures from your wall. Make sure your wall is clean, smooth and level. If you're painting your wall and panelling the same colour, paint an even white coat on your wall first. This ensures a cohesive finish and consistent colour when painting over the wall and primed MDF panelling.

Can I install the MDF Wall Panelling Kit near a radiator, cooker or fireplace?

MDF Wall Panelling Kits can be installed near, but not in direct contact with, heat sources. We recommend installing at least 45cm away from heat sources and using additional Hybrid Grab Adhesive to aid bonding. While the MDF isn’t fire-retardant, it’s widely used in the building industry near radiators, cookers and above mantelpieces, but not within the fire surround. 

Can I install the MDF Wall Panelling Kit in wet areas?

The strips are made from moisture-resistant MDF, making them suitable for installation in humid areas, as long as they aren't in direct water contact.

Can I install an MDF Top Trim or a Dado Rail with MDF Wall Panelling Kits?

Yes, absolutely. The kit is designed for decorating your walls your way – it's totally up to you and the look you want to achieve. If you choose to install a trim above your panelling, apply Hybrid Grab Adhesive along the back length of the Top Trim/Dado Rail, position it in place and apply pressure to adhere it to the wall. Please see our fitting guide for more information.

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