SlatWall Midi Natural Oak and Black in hallway showing half wall design

Half height, full impact 

Add contrast to your interior with SlatWall Midi Natural Oak and Black panels. This style showcases a beautiful combination of light and dark tones. Each slat has a black MDF core, giving prominence to the softer hues of the oak wood veneer on the front-facing surface.

SlatWall Midi is crafted by skilled craftspeople in our Yorkshire workshop. Designed in response to current trends, this style puts a contemporary spin on traditional wall panelling. Its 1.2m height and precision-cut edges make it perfect for creating half-wall designs with a flawless finish. Plus, it introduces sleek dimension and organic texture to rooms.

We recommend finishing your design with our matching Top Trim. This accessory boasts a prominent profile wrapped in wood veneer for a final stylish flourish.

You can easily install SlatWall Midi with screws or our Hybrid Grab Adhesive. For more information, please download our fitting guide.

Image showing dimensions of SlatWall Mini panel

SlatWall Midi Natural Oak and Black

Half-wall slatted panel with oak veneer and a black core

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Natural Oak
Natural Oak and Black

Dimensions and Details

Panel Size (mm) 1200 x 600 x 21
Slat Size (mm) 1200 x 27 x 12
Felt Depth (mm) 9
Slat Spacing (mm) 13
Panel Coverage (m²) 0.72
Slats per panel 15
Composition Real wood oak veneer, blackMDF core, recycled felt backing
Variation Slight - Minor differences in colour for a similar-toned appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

How many SlatWall Midi panels do I need?

Each single SlatWall Midi panel covers 0.72m². Divide the total square meterage of your wall, by these values to calculate how many packs you need. Always round this number up. Check out our coverage calculator above or contact our customer service team for further guidance.

How do I install SlatWall Midi?

Use drywall screws directly through the felt backing alongside the appropriate fixings (ie. plugs) for your wall. Alternatively, apply our Hybrid Grab Adhesive to the back of the panel, position in place and apply pressure to secure. View our fitting guide for more information.

Can I install SlatWall Midi in wet areas?

We do not recommend installing SlatWall Midi in areas with water contact or high levels of humidity as this will damage the product. Looking for a water resistant product? Check out our SlatWall Waterproof collection.

Can I install SlatWall Midi near a radiator, cooker or fireplace?

SlatWall Midi may be installed near to, but not in direct contact with heat sources. We recommend that SlatWall Midi is installed a minimum of 45cm away from the heat source.

How do I cut SlatWall Midi?

Simply use a fine toothed handsaw. We do not recommend using power tools (i.e. A jigsaw or circular saw) as this may damage the panel and cause it to splinter. View our fitting guide for more installation information.

How do I clean SlatWall Midi?

SlatWall Midi is extremely low maintenance. To clean, simply use a damp soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals.

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