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How to style our SlatWall range

Discover The Full SlatWall Range - Fancy something different in your home? Why not use our contemporary SlatWall Panels to make a simple and stylish impact to your space.

Check out what our experts have to say about the full SlatWall range so you can find quick and easy ways to create an impact in your interiors.


Natural Oak SlatWall on wall surrounding a television


SlatWall Acoustic Natural Oak

Our most popular SlatWall Panel, that compliments any design scheme. Whether you have opted for a minimal and muted colour scheme, or a bright and bold interior, this product is a perfect fit. Commonly used to create contemporary feature walls, hidden doors, headboard designs and TV media walls. The possibilities are endless…and we offer samples too!

2400mm or 3000mm high x 600mm wide
Bonded onto recycled black felt



Salmon pink sofa in front of a Natural Oak on grey felt SlatWall wall


SlatWall Acoustic Natural Oak (Grey Felt)

One of our newest additions to the SlatWall family, from listening to customer requests. This panel is bonded onto grey felt which offers a softer feel and lighter contrast between the oak and felt backing, creating a wall worth swooning over. This is a perfect option for those wanting to keep their interior colour schemes light and bright, but still want to bring in the warmth of wood to their space.

2400mm high x 600mm wide
Bonded onto grey felt




SlatWall acoustic Walnut colour on wall surrounding a tv


SlatWall Acoustic Walnut

Another customer favourite! We are obsessed with the tone and texture that the Walnut SlatWall offers! With a variation of light and dark colours, this product brings the authentic touch of wood to a space. This will instantly make your room feel warm and welcoming!

This finish is one that would work perfectly to achieve the on-trend ‘earthy’ colour palette within your home. Pair with a mixture of colours from rich clays to lush greens and neutral browns to create that warm and natural look! 

2400mm high x 600mm wide
Bonded onto recycled black or grey felt



SlatWall acoustic grey oak use on a kitchen wall. Foreground shows general kitchen appliances


SlatWall Acoustic Grey Oak

Say hello to Grey Oak, offering a stunning cooler tone that works perfectly with white, black and neutral interiors. This is a great option for those who want to jump on the trend of bringing natural materials into the home whilst sticking to their much-loved monochrome colour scheme.

This panel also looks amazing on a grey felt backing if you are wanting to keep your interior light and bright. Tap to see examples on our website.

2400mm high x 600mm wide
Bonded onto recycled black or grey felt



SlatWall Acoustic smoked oak on bedroom wall with forest green bed in front


SlatWall Acoustic Smoked Oak

Smoked Oak is a delicious dark brown that brings a luxurious and premium feel to any space. It is easy to achieve that highly desired ‘hotel aesthetic’ by adding these panels to your living room or bedroom. You will be guaranteed to have your guests swooning over your sophisticated interior!

2400mm high x 600mm wide
Bonded onto recycled black felt



Single SlatWall panel on a bedroom wall behind a tv, on a white wall


SlatWall Acoustic Charcoal Black

The latest release within our collection! These stunning black slatted panels were added to the SlatWall family to work perfectly with the latest trend incorporating black accents to interiors. It’s easy to add some modern drama to your room and achieve that Instagram-ready styling!

2400mm high x 600mm wide
Bonded onto recycled black felt


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