SlatWall Grand Samples

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Get to know the amplified dimensions of our SlatWall Grand collection with a sample. Our tester panels feature three wide slats on sound-absorbing recycled felt backing, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the premium materials and quality craftsmanship we put into making each full-size style. Feel the textures and test the tones in your chosen room, along with colour and fabric swatches, to find the perfect match for your interior design scheme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the panels?

SlatWall Grand is very simple to install either by bonding with grab adhesive or by mounting with screws through the felt and into your wall.

Can I cut the panels?

All panels can be easily cut with a fine-toothed hand saw to create your desired length. If you need to adjust the width, slice the felt backing with a sharp utility knife.

Can I paint, stain or oil the panels?

Yes, absolutely. To paint your panels, you can simply do so with a paint brush, roller, or sponge to apply paint directly to the slats.

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