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Warm Up Your Home with SlatWall Walnut Wall Panels

SlatWall Walnut wall panels in a room with a round gold mirror and a beige sofa with matching cushions

One of the questions our in-house interior design experts are most often asked is, 'How can I add warmth to my decor?' Our answer: with SlatWall Walnut wall panels. Available in two shades, there's a suitable option for every room in your house. There's Walnut, with its rich brown tones, and Deep Walnut, its darker counterpart, which is a little further down the colour scale. Both colourways boast light-to-dark shade variation, making them perfect for warming up interiors. The high-contrast hues lend themselves well to complementing different colour schemes; they soften monochrome palettes and add richness to neutral designs.

Our Walnut wall panelling is also available in two compositions. MDF with walnut wood veneer has a pronounced grain that adds depth and distinction, and recycled polystyrene with a wood-effect appearance provides excellent waterproofing in high-humidity rooms.

SlatWall Walnut is available as full-size panels and individual slats, allowing you to get creative and design a beautiful feature for your room. You can also install our walnut wall panels in any direction – horizontally, vertically, diagonally, you name it. Find out how to create wonderful walls in each room with our walnut styling guide below. Let your home transformation begin!


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Left: a headboard made from SlatWall Deep Walnut wall panels. Right: someone pours coffee into a cup on a tray on the bed.



An indulgent and relaxing ambience isn't just for hotels – you can create it at home too. Using Deep Walnut wall panels in your bedroom will elevate it to luxurious new heights. The style's vivid intensity and dark edges add depth while evoking a sophisticated vibe. We suggest choosing black felt backing if you like the high-contrast look and grey felt backing if you prefer a subtler finish.

You can introduce further dimension to your sleeping space by making a recessed headboard with multi-faceted SlatWall panels decorating each surface. Enhance the opulent vibe by styling your bed with crisp cotton sheets, plush pillows and sumptuous blankets. Lazy weekend mornings with breakfast in bed? Yes please.


 SlatWall Walnut individual slats as an accent wall in a living room with a beige sofa and neutral flower vase at the window.


Living room

Our walnut wall panelling works wonderfully in Scandinavian-style interiors. They're ideal for introducing natural materials to your room in a sleek, contemporary way. SlatWall's linear structure taps into the ideology's minimalist aesthetic, while the sandy shades provide warmth and cosiness.

Introduce a graphic element to your living room with walnut slats. Whether you want to add subtle texture or design a striking feature, individual slats make it easy to unleash your creativity to make a bespoke decorative wall covering. If you want to include strip lighting in your creation, individual slats offer flexibility for customisation. You can install them at different heights and with assorted spacing between them for a bespoke finish.


 Left: a dining room with SlatWall Walnut panels on a feature wall. Right: candles, vases and flowers on the dining table.


Dining room

When designing a dining room, evoking a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere is something we suggest striving for. Whether you plan on using the area to host dinner with friends or hang out with family, a warm and inviting space is easy to achieve with our Walnut slats.

SlatWall enhances acoustics and offers excellent soundproofing when applied wall-to-wall. So, installing it in your dining room can minimise noise disturbances at weekday mealtimes or celebratory parties. It's all thanks to the straight, precise structure. Instead of bouncing off a flat surface, sound waves vibrate between the slats, which controls reverberation and results in a quietening effect. The recycled felt backing helps to dampen sound with its dense and compact composition. For maximum soundproofing, we suggest affixing your SlatWall on wood battens with mineral wool between each batten. This will give you Class A sound absorption, the highest level possible.


A home bar with SlatWall Waterproof Walnut wall panelling on the kitchen island and alcove shelves. 



SlatWall Waterproof offers the same contemporary aesthetic as our wood veneer slats with the addition of a recycled composition and a fully waterproof finish, making it perfect for high-humidity areas. Therefore, it's the perfect for adding 3D texture to your backsplash or kitchen island. Plus, unlike tiling, there's no mortar or grout involved – all you need is grab adhesive. It's much quicker and simpler to install, as it's easy to correctly align the panels with your wall's edges.

Aesthetically speaking, SlatWall Waterproof is a sleek and minimalist alternative to tiling. With their wood-on-wood effect, our Walnut slats and panels are ideal for introducing indoor-outdoor living to your space. If you'd like more contrast, choose our Walnut and Black colourway. The dark edges provide further definition and make the wood effect pop.


Two hallways with a seating nook. Left: with diagonal SlatWall Waterproof Walnut individual slats. Right: with wall panels.



While they may not be where you spend most of your time, hallways deserve just as much attention as the rest of the rooms in your house. When guests enter, the entranceway provides the first impression of your home's aesthetic. By installing SlatWall Waterproof in this area, you can showcase your contemporary taste while adding functionality to the space. Any water residue left from rained-on coats and umbrellas can be easily wiped away to keep your panels looking their best.

You can elevate your hall using SlatWall Waterproof Walnut wall panelling to create a stylish seating area by a doorway. Adding a bench in the space has aesthetic and practical benefits. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and provides a convenient place to put shoes on and off.


Two bathrooms featuring SlatWall Waterproof Walnut. Left: panelling at a corner sink. Right: accent wall with a sink and mirror.

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SlatWall Waterproof is impermeable to water, making these walnut-effect wall panels ideal for installing in areas that are in direct contact with moisture, like shower walls. If you're seeking to create a Scandinavian-style bathroom, our waterproof Walnut panelling will help you achieve it. Their wood-effect appearance and clean lines embody Scandi design's nature-inspired, contemporary vibe.

If installing SlatWall Waterproof as a section on your wall, we recommend completing your design with colour-coordinating end caps. Sealing the section's edges using this method will give your wall a seamless finish and maximise its waterproofing capability.


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