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Five High-impact Hallway Wall Decorating Ideas

Hallway wall decorating idea featuring SlatWall Walnut wood veneer panels, a blue and beige painting and matching bench.

It's often said you only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why hallway interior design is so important. This space is the first introduction to your home's personality, piquing interest in what lies behind the doors ahead. Whether working with a small entryway or a large foyer, you can set the tone by introducing texture and depth to the walls while using colours, themes and features to unify your rooms.

Ready to transform the transitional areas in your home? Check out hallway wall decorating ideas featuring our signature slatted panels.


Tradition with a twist


Stairs and hall decorating idea featuring SlatWall Midi wood panels in Natural Oak and Black.


Half-wall panelling is a timeless decorating idea for halls and stairs. From all the types of hallway wood panelling and wood panelling for stairs, to create a welcoming atmosphere, we recommend using SlatWall Midi. This style is our signature take on classic wainscoting; it offers the traditional warmth of panelling in a contemporary linear format. It's a great option if you want the slatted effect but also wish to use colour on the upper half of your wall to tie it into a specific theme. For instance, pairing it with neutral tones for a Scandi vibe or darker shades for an intimate, cosy ambience.

To give your Midi panels a conventional finishing touch, install a coordinating Top Trim along the upper edge to make a feature of the transition. Alternatively, leave the top unfinished for a sleek look; SlatWall Midi is precision cut for a neat, flawless appearance no matter how you install it.


Warm and welcoming


Stairs and hallway wall décor idea featuring SlatWall Walnut panels behind a cream chair, black side table and flower vase.


Looking for hallway wood panelling? Create a contemporary and calming room with soft shades and lots of light. Due to its ability to warm up walls, SlatWall Walnut is the must-have style for creating a hallway with a trendy and homely feel. This mellow colourway displays the natural tonal variations in walnut wood, ensuring you and your guests always enter an enticing space.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our Walnut shade is its ability to complement both warm and cool colours. When styling your interior, you can bring out this style's warmth with similarly balmy tones, like terracotta and sand beige, or use fresh hues, such as navy blue and white, for cool-toned contrast.

SlatWall also acts as a beautiful backdrop for furniture and artwork; it adds texture and depth whilst letting feature pieces in the foreground shine. This is ideal for hallways, where a sole bench or side table may be the item you wish to showcase. Keep the styling minimal for a modern look, or include statement accessories for a more maximalist aesthetic.


Beautifully bohemian


Boho home interior design of a hallway featuring SlatWall Deep Walnut panels on the wall.
Image source: @rainbowsnfairyd


Want to bring your dream boho home to life but don't know where to start? Begin with your hallway wall décor.

In its essence, boho interior design is an eclectic aesthetic expressing a free-spirited nature. Artistic touches and natural textures characterise this style, where neutral and vibrant colours frequently combine. It's creative and unconventional, taking inspiration from different cultures, lifestyles and times.

As this hall and stairs show, SlatWall Deep Walnut's tone and pattern variation goes beautifully with the organic elements often featured in boho interiors, such as terrazzo and rattan. The wood veneer's rich shades also strikingly complement vivid hues like mauve pink and burnt orange, bringing out walnut's warmth and creating a welcoming ambience.


Scandi style


Modern hallway idea of a Scandi-style boot room featuring SlatWall Natural Oak on grey felt panels.
Image source: @ourhouseinlondon


When it comes to interiors that blend style and substance, Scandinavian schemes are unmatched. Characterised by natural materials, minimalist lines and neutral colours, this sleek aesthetic is the perfect canvas for Natural Oak. A contemporary classic, this colourway – with its organic tones and wood grain patterns – is a requisite for Scandi-style interiors, as it's a simple and easy way to introduce authentic character to the space.

Turn your hallway into a cloakroom or boot room with a keen consideration for form and function. Maximise practicality with thoughtful touches. For example, making the most of storage with coat hooks and cupboards and including alcove seating in entryways. And all you need for adding intrigue, depth and texture to small spaces like these is a couple of SlatWall panels. Or, if you'd prefer to create a bespoke feature with a custom layout, use Individual Slats or SlatWall Mini panels.


Modern neutral


Modern hallway idea featuring SlatWall Natural Oak and Black on the wall underneath a black staircase.
Image source: @kissmypampas


SlatWall's depth and dimension are a breathtaking way to bring plain walls in simple white hallways to life. It allows you to turn a blank canvas into a modern, multi-textured area that embodies simple sophistication.

By teaming neutral hues with a monochrome palette, you'll achieve a contrasting counterpoint with a striking effect. If you want to achieve maximum impact, we suggest choosing a SlatWall shade with high contrast, such as Natural Oak and Black on black felt. The difference between this colourway's slats and felt backing makes the organic distinctions of the wood veneer pop, drawing more attention to your SlatWall installation.




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