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How to style your interior for summer

White double doors surrounded by Naturewall Natural Oak on black felt SlatWall panels. Rustic wicker chairs and greenery in foreground.

Summer is officially here! Whilst we may all have the desire to jet off to somewhere with a hotter climate, now is also a perfect time to bring a little piece of the relaxed, laid-back beach vibe to your home. Everyone is familiar with a spring refresh, but why not take inspiration from an Ibizan beach club or luxury Amalfi Coast hotel to really create your own heavenly oasis…

Here are some styling tips taken from the designs of beautiful interiors featured in hotels and retreats in our favourite sunny destinations.

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Dark brown Naturewall Self-adhesive panels in background. Beige sofa with cushions in foreground.


Layering light textures

White linens and cottons are staples used by endless hotels and bars to create that fresh, crisp look. Creating a light and bright feel, layering these textures is the best way to get that laid-back yet high-end feel that you would expect at an exclusive resort. These tones and textures create a relaxed environment – giving that bright and breezy ambience.

Get the look in your living room by adding oversized cushions to your sofa, removing any darker coloured soft furnishings you have. This is a great way of achieving a paired-back interior with a clean, minimalist feel that evokes a sense of calm. Laying down a large flatwoven rug is another way to brighten a space without compromising on the feeling of warmth we still desire in our homes.


White double doors surrounded by Naturewall Natural Oak on black felt SlatWall panels. Rustic wicker chairs and greenery in foreground.

Image Credit: @dasilvadesign 



Bringing the outdoors in, wood is a material featured in the most luxurious of beach hotels, bars, and restaurants. By adding warmth and depth, it also blurs the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces to create a cohesive and relaxing space. From feature walls to day beds, this material can be seen everywhere in luxury hospitality interior design.

Pale woods such as Oak and Beech are perfect for achieving that true beach aesthetic with their light tone and washed texture. Opting for darker woods like Walnut and Teak bring that deep, luxurious feel with their richer appearance.

Consider investing in large furniture pieces made from natural materials like wood or stone, such as an oak coffee table or a sofa and armchair with wooden legs. These pieces are timeless classics, so will last longer than just the summer season. For those wanting more subtle touches of wood, wicker is a very on-trend material at the moment. Add in a few baskets or a feature lampshade to create that laid-back beach club vibe.


A selection a of different textures and similar beige and rustic tones.


Warm colour scheme

Making a space feel light, open, and airy is key to nailing the contemporary coastal aesthetic. Warm colour schemes are the perfect way to achieve this look, as they open up a space whilst still creating an inviting atmosphere. Colours evoke emotions within us and set the feeling within a room, so use a palette that brings you joy within your space.

Layering whites, creams and beiges is the best way to build up a neutral warm palette that adds a touch of luxury for those wanting a more calming, minimalistic look. To create a more vibrant and high-energy feeling in your space, consider injecting fiery colours such as yellows and oranges. This is the ultimate way to bring the welcoming warmth of the sunshine we associate with these colours into your space. To make a big impact, install a large piece of bold wall art or lay down a patterned rug. For a more subtle pop of colour, accessorize with bright candles, glassware, coffee table books and vases.

Naturewall SlatWall Panel on the wall with beig sofa and cushions in the foreground. Decorated with large black frame and abstract image.


Re-position your furniture

Indulging in the outdoors with friends and family is something we closely associate with summer and holidays. To achieve this in your home, think about changing up the positioning of your furniture to encourage a connection to the outside and optimise your space for social settings.

Open-plan living areas are ideal for switching up the layout to create areas for relaxing and socialising. Angle your sofa to face the garden to create a flowing space that is great for entertaining guests. This will create a naturally inviting space, drawing everyone together.

To accommodate any extra guests you have whilst the sun is shining, populate your interior space with casual seating options. Stools and occasional feature seating are great options as they are multi-functional, so create a living area that can easily be changed around to suit the occasion. Low seating really brings the cool and relaxed vibe of an upscale beach bar, especially when placed around your room randomly.