Refresh Your Home

A New Year allows for a new perspective – and that often includes a rethink of your home. As the Christmas decorations come down, it’s the perfect time to consider a refresh of your home for the year ahead.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Our Interior Designer Olivia Crosher is here to introduce you to the emerging trends of 2023, to ensure you keep your home fresh! There’s new everything for the 2023 interior design predictions! Colours, textures, and materials, but most significantly, there are new moods. 

Why Wallpaper and Paint Are Out

Ditch the messiness, the lining up and the waiting! Revolutionise the way you transform your walls in minutes rather than hours. Naturewall have a variety of alternatives to paint and wallpaper with our SlatWall panels and planks. Transform your interiors in an instant with easy installation.  

Christmas Styling 2022

It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so here’s how to make the most important rooms in your home ready for the festive season. We talk through how you should style your Living Room, Kitchen, and Guest Bedroom.

How to Style Dark Wood SlatWalls

A few years ago, dark interiors and black fixtures were the trend. We then saw a surge in pink and other brighter colours, however, we are now seeing the return of naturally dark materials, particularly dark wood panels. If you’re one on the lighter-Scandi side of styles, then this may be a big jump for you to take. So here is how we are styling those dark wood tones throughout the home.

Top tips for hosting at home

Get the top tips for winter hosting at home as the festive season approaches and the FIFA World Cup begins, whether you're planning a formal dinner party or a casual coffee catch-up, here at Naturewall we've got some insights for you.

Transform Your Kitchen with SlatWall

Compliment your hosting experiences with our classic slatted wood panelling, now suitable for your kitchen and dining spaces. Enhance your kitchen walls with sleek splashback panels and high-end waterproof panelling.

5 Tips for a beautiful bathroom

Check out our top tips and get inspired to create your very own bathroom sanctuary. Find ways to transform your space with SlatWall Waterproof wall panelling and turn your bathroom into a place to relax and recuperate.

Scandinavian Interior Designs to Inspire You

Get inspired to create a beautiful modern and minimalist design using these top Scandi trends. Make your home feel more relaxed and comforting with an array of neutral tones, natural textures, and various Scandinavian wall decór ideas. Read for our top tips on designing a sleek and stylish home for you and your guests.

Create a cosy and warm home this autumn

Tap into nature this autumn to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of your homes. Create yourself a cosy retreat to help you settle down during the colder nights and get prepared for the darker days. Here are a few ways to help you warm up and get cosy, ready for the autumnal weather.

4 ways to use Peel & Stick in your home

Your home DIY projects can be quick and easy with our Peel & Stick planks that require no nails, no screws, and no glues. Simply peel off the paper backing and apply however you prefer to your wall. Check out some ideas for inspiration to get you started on upgrading your interiors.

Bringing the outside in

Take inspiration from the great outdoors to create your own personal oasis inside your home. Decorate to match the places you love for an instant mood boost, without leaving the house. Read this article to understand why the "Bring the outside in" trend is one for everyone to get behind.

3 ways to style your garden dining

Summertime celebrations have begun so it is time to host your guests in style. Whether you are holding a sophisticated dinner party or a chilled out evening with a firepit, entertain with flexibility in your garden. Check out our style guide for top tips on decorating your outdoor dining space to make it a day to remember.

Modern Home Office Setup Ideas with Wood Panels

Working from home is becoming the new norm but our homes are not always equipped for an office space. Check out some tips and tricks from our interior designer that will help you to transform spaces you already have to create a comfortable yet productive WFH environment.

6 Eco Friendly Wall Ideas for Sustainable Living

We create products that are made to outlive all the current on-trend styles, whilst also being ready for the new ones. Having one product that can last a lifetime helps us be more mindful in a throw-away world. Discover our 3D and Reclaimed wood wall panels and planks that are 100% sustainable for you and the planet.

5 Hidden Wall Storage Ideas For Your Wall

Check out some of our favourite ways these customers have used our best-selling SlatWall range to decorate their interiors. By creating unique and exciting storage solutions, we are excited to find all the new ways to decorate with Naturewall products and maximise the potential of your space!

10 ways to create a feature headboard

Looking for new and interesting ways to create some drama and contrast in your bedroom? Check out these 10 different ways you can style your SlatWall Panels in your bedroom according to our interior design expert.