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Design Your Dream Interior with Mood Boards

Interior design mood board featuring SlatWall Natural Oak and Black with sky blue, cream and terracotta swatches.

Here's an expert tip for decorating differently: always begin your project with a 3D interior design mood board. It's a simple and easy way of honing your preferences and refining your ideas. As well as working out how you want the room to look and feel, mood boards help you see how all the elements of your scheme, including the fabrics, accessories and finishes, harmonise with each other, as you can swap swatches in and out to ensure you make the best choices for your project.

Our in-house Interior Designer, Olivia Crosher, has put together these mood boards – featuring samples of our signature wall coverings alongside testers of complementary colours, textures and materials – to inspire your future renovations. Whether you know which direction you wish to go in or you're looking for an initial spark of inspiration, discover styling suggestions and unexpected pairings you may not have considered before in these intriguing interior design concepts.


Refreshing and warm


Interior design mood boards featuring SlatWall Washed Oak and Oiled Oak with powder blue, brown and neutral samples.


Showcase the interplay between light and shade in your space with Washed or Oiled Oak on black felt. The dark backing provides extra shadowing, making the wood veneer pop and lending your wall depth. Pairing these shades with white and powder blue produces a fresh feel that will uplift your interior. Alternatively, combining them with rich textures and finishes, such as brass hardware, brown leather and jute, will bring out the wood's natural warmth. Olivia explains, 'Adding blue to an interior brings a sense of calmness and evokes feelings associated with being in a warmer climate. Pair with wood tones to tone down the coolness and create a serene ambience in your home.' The resulting mood is relaxing and revitalising – qualities that are always at home in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Warm and mellow 


CorkWall Lagos White and SlatWall Natural Oak and Walnut samples styled with burnt orange, terracotta and lemon shades.


If you want a room that always feels enlivening, look to light and vivid shades. This interior design mood board conceptualises a bright, open space elevated with scorched hues for some sultry depth.

SlatWall Natural Oak, Oiled Oak and Walnut are ideal for this scheme type. All these colourways have a warm undertone, lending them well to interiors with a mellow mood. For even more compelling texture, team your SlatWall selection with marble finishes. You can achieve this organically with stone or with CorkWall Lagos White – these cork tiles have a tactile finish that softens SlatWall's linear format.


Bright and airy 


SlatWall Walnut and Deep Walnut sample board for interiors featuring coal, white and neutral shades, and stone finishes.


Want a bright space all year round? Make the most of open and airy interiors by uniting neutral shades with a singular, punchy hue. This will provide a jolt of energy to invigorate calming schemes while maintaining a tranquil ambience.

SlatWall Walnut, a warm brown shade, and Deep Walnut, its richer counterpart, showcase natural tonal variation which pops against vibrant hues. This mood board highlights how well these colourways complement vivid coral and crisp white, producing a refreshingly contemporary vibe.


Neutral and grounding 



Sample mood board featuring CorkWall Lagos Beige, SlatWall Washed Oak and Deep Walnut with beige tones and stone textures.


Dreaming of a biophilic or Scandi-style interior? Find inspiration in this concept board; it demonstrates how beautiful beige is with a spectrum of organic, neutral tones ranging from creamy vanilla to nutty brown.

Celebrate nature's beauty by transforming blank spaces with dimensional depth, courtesy of the characteristic features found in SlatWall and CorkWall. As this sample board shows, layering textures – from smooth stone to flaxen fabrics – increases intrigue and drama, giving rooms a truly mesmerising quality.


Earthy and serene 


Mood board for interior design featuring SlatWall Washed Oak and CorkWall Cascais Natural samples with green swatches.


Layering different surface effects will add multiple dimensions to your interior. For instance, Olivia suggests 'pairing Washed Oak with pops of rich earthy tones to create impact in a room, bringing in other organic textiles such as jute and stone to elevate further by creating a warm and calming scheme.'

As this interior design mood board demonstrates, the combination of SlatWall Washed Oak's sun-bleached effect – and, in this case, high-contrast black backing – alongside CorkWall Cascais Natural's rich earthiness makes both styles' natural characteristics stand out. Meanwhile, serene green hues like sage and pine provide a dose of soothing sophistication.


Dark and moody 


Interior design concept board featuring SlatWall samples, CorkWall Samples, fabric swatches and colour cards in dark tones.


To evoke moody atmosphere, opt for our deeper shades, such as Charcoal Black or Smoked Oak. For a dark-toned palette, pair these colourways with midnight blue or olive green for added richness. Alternatively, you can offset the intense hues with bright white and misty grey tones to create contrast that makes the panels pop. The lighter CorkWall tiles in Lagos White, Lagos Beige or Porto Beige will offer a pared-back, tactile counterpoint to the darker SlatWall colours.

For accents, we suggest choosing a couple of pieces in a brighter hue, like amber or canary. This will add a touch of eye-catching personality to the space while complementing - rather than distracting from – your key colours. Metallic finishes and greenery also enhance the elegant, mysterious vibe provided by dark shades.




Ready to start bringing your vision to life? Tag us in your mood boards @naturewalluk and use #MyNaturewall for the chance to be featured.