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Five Bedroom Panelling Ideas to Add Drama to Walls

Bedroom with black wall panelling, a white bed, black and brown cushions, a beige throw, black side table and a stone-effect lamp.

From creating a statement headboard to zoning specific areas, bedroom panelling ideas are a beautiful way to add depth and interest to interior walls. And because wood panels provide texture and warmth, they evoke a comforting and restful ambience ideal for sleeping areas.

Whether you want a Scandi-style sanctuary or a luxurious hotel-style retreat, you can use wall panels to bring your space’s personality to life. Explore our pick of wood panelling ideas to give your bedroom a high-impact transformation.


1. Create a Floor-to-Ceiling Feature Wall


Left: Gold wall lights on walnut wood panelling. Right: bedroom with walnut wall panels, a brown and white bed, and pink throw.


Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling wood panelling makes an awe-inspiring installation that showcases the material’s organic characteristics. By spotlighting these distinctions, a feature wall adds interest through texture, pulling pieces of furniture in the foreground into focus.

In the words of our in-house Interior Designer and Stylist, Olivia Crosher, ‘By applying product to a full wall, you can create a feature wall that anchors a room. This works particularly well on bed head walls by drawing attention to the focal point of the room.’

For an elongating effect, opt for vertical panelling. The striped format can cause the illusion of expansive dimensions – perfect for making a smaller space feel a little larger.


2. Maximise Impact with Half-Wall Bedroom Panelling



Bedroom with oak wood panelling, a grey and white bed, cream cushions, grey pendant light, a floating bedside table and vase of flowers.
Image source: @daisywhittakerdesigns


If you want to include wall panelling in your bedroom but aren’t looking to cover a whole wall, half-wall panelling is the perfect idea. This option is ideal if you love classic wainscoting but would like a more contemporary look. It will give your bedroom a hotel-luxe feel while still allowing the colour palette to shine.

Half-height wall panels are ideally sized for wooden headboards that make a subtly striking statement. Alternatively, install your panelling to span the width of your wall – this can help tie your scheme together by providing a cohesive backdrop to your bed, side tables and light fixtures.

For an easy way to get this look – and achieve a flawless finish upon application – opt for SlatWall Midi.


3. Add Texture and Interest to Bedroom Alcoves


Blue bedroom with dark wood planks on the alcove walls, dark grey drawers, white lamps, house plants and monochrome wall art.
Image source: @no.54interiors


You can also make a striking impact in small bedrooms by applying panels to alcove walls. If your bed is positioned between two recesses, installing wood panels in these areas will enhance the space’s symmetry.

For a timeless look, opt for wooden peel and stick panels in a finish that complements your colour palette. Oak and walnut woods boast warm mid-tones that pair beautifully with various shades, from earthy to pastel hues. Richer wood finishes go well with deep and dark colours, creating a sophisticated scheme that makes a bold statement.


4. Enhance The Dimensions of a Bay Window


Bedroom with beige cushioned seating and oak wood cladding on the bay window, white furniture and a large window with a seascape outside.
Image source: @richardfosterarchitects


Panelling isn’t just for bedroom walls – it can be applied to other surfaces to add distinctive character, such as cladding on a bay window seat. If you have one in your bedroom, make it an even more pleasant place to pass the time by incorporating panels into the seating area; their 3D design will enhance the depth and dimension of the window’s angles.

To maximise the connection between a bay window and the outdoors, invite nature’s tones and textures inside by opting for wood panelling that emphasises the organic grain.


5. Put Panelling Above the Bed


Grey and white bedroom with grey wood panelling above the bed, mirrored wardrobes, a skylight and house plants.
Image source: @ha_architects


Go above and beyond with your creative vision by applying panelling up high. The epitome of decorating differently, placing panels above the bed rather than behind it is an unconventional way to transform a blank space into an awe-inspiring feature. You can even elevate the fifth wall by applying panels to the ceiling. For a modern scheme, colour-match the panelling with your palette for a sleek, monochromatic look.

Olivia recommends bringing in further intrigue by mixing and matching the wooden finishes in your décor. ‘If you are doing this, it’s best to use a variety of wood tones to avoid clashing. Go for darker or lighter wood finishes for furniture and flooring.’ This will help create cohesion in your bedroom design.