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Headboard Wall Designs for a Hotel-Luxe Bedroom

A white bed featuring blue cushions in front of a bed headboard design made with SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black panels.

Turning your bedroom into a serene sanctuary is easier than you may think. There's a simple upgrade you can do to make every night feel like a luxury stay – installing decorative wall panels to design a distinctive bed headboard.

Our SlatWall collection is brimming with styles that offer a sleek alternative to traditional headboard designs through the use of wooden headboard panels. From Mini and Midi to full-size panels, the slatted structure adds visual interest as light floods and retreats from the room throughout the day. Meanwhile, the warmth and natural characteristics of the wood tones provide a chic and cosy vibe. In other words, they perfectly set the tone for unwinding after a long day or relaxing ahead of a busy week.

Even better, our panels allow you to get creative and design a bespoke headboard feature wall. As well as drawing the eye, they introduce texture, depth and dimension, upping the drama in your sleeping area and calling to mind a hotel-worthy master suite.

Composed by our in-house interior designer and stylist, these dreamy headboard designs will inspire your hotel-luxe bedroom upgrade.

SlatWall Midi

A half-wall headboard design made from SlatWall Midi Walnut panels and a matching Top Trim.

SlatWall Midi's half-wall size makes it ideal for creating a contemporary headboard with a classic height. Plus, it's great for installing wall-to-wall if you want the space to be dynamic; it means you can move your décor around in the future without changing your headboard installation.

It also beautifully complements furniture – as our stylist explains, 'SlatWall Midi provides a great backdrop by adding depth and texture but still allows the focus to be on a feature piece of furniture or accessory in the foreground.' So, you can rest assured your décor will still draw attention.

SlatWall Midi provides plenty of opportunities for personalisation too. For instance, you can elevate your headboard with a Top Trim for more definition or incorporate lighting along the edge to set the ambience.

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SlatWall Mini

Left: a floor-to-ceiling bed headboard made from SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black panels. Right: a lamp in front of the headboard.

Offering multiple layout options, SlatWall Mini lets you design a bespoke bedroom headboard – simply rotate the panels in different directions to achieve your desired look. With its easy-to-handle square format, SlatWall Mini lends itself to various placements, including horizontal, vertical and a combination of both.

For this headboard wall design, our stylist aligned SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black panels vertically to create four rows in the centre, then framed the rows with a column on each side using the panels in a horizontal alignment. She chose this shade for the headboard because it works perfectly 'in a darker, moodier scheme and emphasises the hotel-chic feel by creating an ambient atmosphere.' Her top tip to encapsulate the theme? 'Pair with dark leathers, dark woods and velvet fabrics,' as this will elegantly elevate your room.

And just like SlatWall Midi, Top Trims can be used to define Mini panels. Depending on your layout and desired effect, you can install these accessories as a border or an edge trim.

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Individual Slats

A bedroom headboard wall design made from Individual Slats in Natural Oak, featuring gaps of various sizes between the slats.

With the option to install in any layout you choose, Individual Slats provide the creative freedom to make a custom design. They're available in 2.4m and 3m to suit rooms of all dimensions. Plus, you can easily cut them to your chosen size, whether you want a uniform or irregular appearance. You can also install Individual Slats on felt sheets to make bespoke SlatWall panels with spacing and alignment of your preference.

In this bed headboard design, our stylist achieved a gradient effect by placing the slats close together and gradually spacing them wider apart as the installation extends across the wall. As well as generating a sense of fluidity, this spotlights the interplay between light and shade, with a range of shadows adding depth between the slats.

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SlatWall Acoustic 

A headboard in a bedroom alcove decorated with SlatWall Deep Walnut acoustic panels on the wall, sides and ceiling.

To create a sense of continuity throughout your bedroom, opt for a floor-to-ceiling headboard feature wall. Our original SlatWall acoustic panels come in 2.4m and 3m heights for easy installation in rooms of all sizes.

You can also use full-size SlatWall panels to zone the area your bed is placed in – this is particularly impactful if you're working with an alcove. In this design, our stylist added interest to the niche by applying SlatWall panels to the wall and using it to wrap the nook's sides and ceiling, resulting in a cosy, cocooning effect.

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Style Your Space

Left: headboard design featuring SlatWall Mini Walnut panels behind a bed. Right: a vase in front of the headboard.Once you've installed your SlatWall headboard design, it's time to style your bedroom. In addition to making the space feel special – aka straight out of a luxury hotel – curating the décor allows you to incorporate your personality.

Using different but complementary materials is a clever way of adding an opulent quality to your bedroom. As SlatWall panels have a precise, linear format, we recommend softening them by layering cosy textiles and plush pillows on your bed. As well as increasing the comfort factor, this will create an inviting aura – a quality all bedrooms should have. Choose similar tones for a sophisticated scheme or colour-pop pieces for a point of contrast.

Luxurious hotel bedrooms are underpinned by the multi-sensory experience of staying there. So, to recreate the vibe at home, set the mood with soft lighting – think a combination of lamps and pendant lights spread throughout the space. Finally, consider your room's scent. Calming floral aromas like lavender will help you conjure a tranquil atmosphere for drifting off to sleep, whilst woody fragrances have a grounding effect to bring you closer to nature.

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