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Summer Décor Ideas to Uplift Your Home

Summer décor idea featuring SlatWall Oiled Natural Oak, a white chair with blue cushion and a vase of green flowers.

Summer décor ideas are all about bringing your interiors to life by embracing the season's warmth and light inside. From decorating with beachy tones and natural textures to styling your room with colour-pop accessories, it's easy to transform your home into a serene space with a relaxed summertime vibe.

Nature is liveliest at this time of year, making the outdoors the perfect place to look for summer home décor inspiration. Explore our top tips for giving your interior a seasonal refresh below.


Use shades of summer 


Summer bedroom décor featuring a SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black headboard, white sheets, pink and green cushions and a blanket.


Summer is associated with vibrant hues and vivid tones – shades that go with palettes ranging from light and airy to dark and moody. Whether your interior features SlatWall Washed Oak or Mini Charcoal Black, colours such as grass green and sunset pink will introduce a seasonal tone to your scheme.

If you prefer the neutral, minimalist look, including little pops of colour – like a cushion or candle – will provide a subtle nod to summer. On the other hand, styling your space with bold pieces in equally bold hues will make more of a maximalist statement.


Add zing and zest 


Summer bedroom décor featuring a SlatWall Mini Charcoal Black headboard, white sheets, pink and green cushions and a blanket.


Bring the Mediterranean Riviera to you by styling your dining area with warm shades and zesty hues. Invite an al fresco ambience inside with a citrus centrepiece and patterned tableware in a coordinating colour. For a truly picture-perfect setting, we recommend carefully considering the backdrop – SlatWall Mini is just the style to add interest and intrigue to dining room walls.

Continue evoking the la dolce vita lifestyle with sculptural flutes and a chilled bottle of something delicious. Your table will be set for summer entertaining in no time.


Take cues from the coast


Summer room décor featuring SlatWall Walnut behind a cream chair covered with a light blanket and beige and blue cushions.


The coastal look is a classic summer interior style. Characterised by ocean hues and beachy elements, it's a surefire way of creating a sense of calm in your space. To allude to the sand, sea and sky, we suggest decorating with warm, natural features – like SlatWall Walnut – and contrasting with pieces in crisp, cool tones such as sky blue and soft white. For a direct reference to the coastline, include details such as nautical stripes and seascape art.


Make your room bloom


Left: a hand holds a blue and white mug next to a vase of green flowers. Right: a hand pours water into two blue glasses.


Whether placed on a table as a show-stopping centrepiece or used to accent sun-soaked windowpanes, lush greenery and fresh flowers will instantly enliven any space with a summertime vibe. Plus, the fragrances they disperse stimulate the senses, calling memories of warm climes to mind.

Thanks to the natural colours, each style in our SlatWall collection goes beautifully with greenery. Plus, the linear format provides a striking contrast to the lushness of plants and flowers.


Layer light and airy fabrics 


Left: blue, orange and beige cushions on white bedding. Right: SlatWall Midi Walnut behind a bed with cushions and a blanket.


Channel a laid-back attitude with lightweight, natural fabrics that will help you stay cool when the temperature rises. In bedrooms, swap cosy quilts with breezy bedding. Cotton and linen sheets are ideal for long summer nights, as they're cooling and breathable.

We suggest complementing this relaxed styling with the sleek sophistication of SlatWall Midi. Our half-height panelling is an easy way to decorate for summer; it's precisely cut for a flawless finish, so you can achieve maximum impact with minimal effort.


Include personal mementoes


Summer home idea of a living room featuring SlatWall Oiled Natural Oak, a cream armchair, black tables and multicoloured décor.


Another summer décor idea is to pay homage to memorable moments from previous holidays by displaying objects collected on your travels. Think coral and shells picked up from a beach getaway or coffee table books you discovered during city breaks. Alongside pictures and photographs, meaningful mementoes will add a personal touch to your space.

For wall décor that makes a statement while letting objects in the foreground stand out, opt for SlatWall Natural Oak with an Oiled finish. This honeyed shade boasts a lovely warmth you'll enjoy all year round.


Let the sunlight in 


Summer decorating idea for a home bar featuring SlatWall Mini Smoked Oak, white walls and greenery.


Make the most of the longer hours of sunshine by drawing back curtains and placing furniture close to windows. This is great for social spots like home bars, as it lets you recreate the atmosphere of outdoor drinks inside.

For the intimate ambience of a cocktail lounge, we recommend decorating with our darker colourways, such as SlatWall Mini Smoked Oak. Its rich tones add depth and sophistication for a luxe vibe. Contrasting this style with white walls and marble features will create a bright and airy feel, ideal for summertime.