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Autumn Home Décor Ideas for a Cosy Interior

Autumn Home Décor Ideas for a Cosy Interior

Looking for autumn home décor ideas? You've come to the right place. With cooler temperatures in the air and long nights drawing in, a warm and cosy interior is a must. Not to mention, it's the perfect time to prepare your home for the upcoming festive period – especially if you plan on hosting over the holidays.

Get your living space ready for the season ahead with these autumnal home styling and decorating ideas.



Opt for deeper colours

As the days darken, the desire to take interior colour palettes to new depths increases. For a moody atmosphere, incorporate rich tones like burgundy and slate grey to infuse rooms with elegance and mystery. You can also give your home an autumnal feel by swapping out fresh hues for earthy shades to warm up your scheme. Think the colours of changing leaves – ochre, amber and russet are classic hues for giving spaces a cosy update.

If you want an easy decorating project to give rooms an autumnal refresh, look to the darker colourways in our SlatWall collections. Shades such as Deep Walnut, Smoked Oak and Charcoal Black provide a heavy dose of intrigue, helping you create a sophisticated design scheme.



Light up your interior

Set the desired ambience in your autumn home décor with lighting. With fewer hours of natural daylight in autumn and winter, increasing the light sources in your room provides practical and aesthetic benefits. Our favourite way to cast a warm glow throughout interiors at this time of year is with a combination of candles and lamps to create a homey feel. For enhanced ambience, opt for scented candles; as well as infusing the space with fragrance, their flickering flames diffuse a soft glow, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Meanwhile, statement chandeliers and sculptural lamps make eye-catching accent pieces in living and dining areas. In bedrooms, pendant lights above bedside tables will add a luxurious, hotel-style feel to sleeping spaces.



Layer up with cosy textiles

Nothing says autumnal home quite like curling up on the sofa with cosy blankets. Maximise the comfort of your living area or bedroom by layering oversized throws and plump cushions over furniture. Chunky knits and fuzzy textures are the ultimate warming styles for snuggling up. Our top tip? Choose pieces in your selected accent colours to tie your scheme together.



Set the mood with scents

Use the power of scent to create an inviting atmosphere in your home this season. From candles to diffusers and room sprays, there are several ways to give your interior an intangible autumnal touch.

Sweet scents like vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin are synonymous with autumn, as they each boast a subtle spiciness that's nostalgic and warming. Alternatively, fresh, herbal and woody aromas have an invigorating effect, perhaps because they call blustery autumn walks to mind. Whichever scent you go for, a signature home fragrance adds a luxurious vibe to your space.



Bring the outside in

Add a seasonal touch to your home décor with an autumnal alternative to fresh blooms. Vases filled with dried flowers or branches plucked from the garden make for beautiful centrepieces on tables in living areas, dining rooms and hallways. Plus, they add a biophilic element to interiors, complementing other natural tones and textures in your design scheme.