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Transform Your Kitchen with SlatWall

Large rounded stone vase on top of kitchen island with marble top.

Introducing kitchen wall wood panelling is easier than ever with our new SlatWall Waterproof Kitchen Wall Panel collection. Designed with a modular tongue and groove fitting, they are lightweight and simple to install directly to your wall with grab adhesive. Finished with a premium wood-on-wood effect, these panels are the perfect way to bring our classic SlatWall wood panelling as kitchen splashback panels and more.

As the festive hosting season is nearly upon us, now is the ideal time to ensure your kitchen and dining area are in the best condition to withstand the partying, entertaining and vast amounts of cooking planned. Our latest SlatWall Waterproof range is aimed at making these high-traffic areas easier to maintain whilst remaining sleek and stylish. This means you’ll spend less time worrying about cleaning and damage and more time enjoying the season as intended.

We have some top tips to help you get your kitchen and dining space ready and transformed with ease using our classic SlatWall panelling design.

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Make a splashback

Redesigning your kitchen splashback is now incredibly simple to do. Our waterproof kitchen wall panels can be cut down to size with a fine-toothed saw to fit behind your cooker. Each pack comes with 3 panels to make a width of 504mm, ideal for these smaller areas. Bringing this contemporary design into these spaces is a unique way to avoid the hassle of traditional tiles and create something more bespoke and personal to you. The panels can easily be wiped down and are made to endure the humidity released when cooking.

If you are wanting to open up your kitchen and dining room into one larger area, adding these splashback panels are great for continuing around your full wall to make a fluid and open interior. Welcome your guests into your new and improved, modern entertaining area where you are all able to feel relaxed and calm in a truly hospitable space.


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Two images. Left: Single SlatWall Panel behind a TV on the wall. Dining table and chairs in front. Right: Modern kitchen island with SlatWall panel on the wall in the distance. Mirror hung on the panel.


Uplifting, open interiors

Creating a feature wall in a kitchen can uplift a darker and enclosed room, particularly when using brighter Natural Oak tones. However, for a quick and easy, instant transformation, using a single SlatWall panel (or 3 SlatWall Waterproof kitchen wall panels slotted together) can be the best solution for adding texture and depth to any room.

SlatWall Waterproof kitchen wall panels are easier to maintain and offer your room a high-end wood-effect appearance that is suitable to combat high-traffic and high-humidity levels. Alternatively, our regular SlatWall panels will delight your space with real wood textures, bringing in a touch of nature and natural characteristics.

Whichever panelling finish you choose, sometimes it is not a full feature wall you need. Simply place a panel or three behind a TV with a block of bold coloured paint for a visual showcase, enhancing the entertainment space you have already made. The slatted kitchen wall wood panelling design introduces both interest and depth and can be decorated with a range of pieces depending on the needs of a space. Whilst having a TV for casual viewing is convenient, try hanging an oval mirror or small shelves for potted succulents and art prints that can uplift your interior further.


Find ways to transform your home for less with a single SlatWall panel.


Two images. Left: SlatWall Waterproof panels in walnut around bench with small black table and stool. Waterproof individual slats used on wall behind in a diagonal pattern. Right: Waterproof individual slats spaced out vertically on a wall and onto ceiling. Strip lighting between the slats. Corner of kitchen island shown with bar stool.


Add an artistic touch

There are no reasons why you can’t integrate your own creativity and personality into your kitchen and dining spaces. In fact, we would encourage it! Individual Slats in Natural Oak and Walnut are available for you to have the flexibility of cutting and fixing to your heart’s desire. The waterproof wood-effect finish is on three sides of the slats making them ideal for these areas. Apply grab adhesive to the back of the slat and firmly press to your wall for ease of installation.

Design your own patterns with Individual Slats using various angles, spacing, and lengths. Sold singularly, you could get even more creative by mixing up the colours. Try fixing to your ceilings and introduce strip lighting for added hotel luxe.


Two images. Left: Natural Oak SlatWall around a breakfast bar base with bar stools. Right: SlatWall natural oak panels seen around a breakfast bar base. Image shows corner of this with shelving on the wall holding jars of pasta.


Creating zones

On occasion, you may want to create yourself zones to avoid the ambiguity of the larger open spaces that are becoming more common in modern homes. Although these spaces are great for letting in natural light and offering a blended environment, sectioning out your kitchen from your dining room, and dining room from your living room, can help enhance the cosiness required for the colder months ahead. The simplest way to do this is with kitchen wall wood panelling. By doing so with a feature wall, using the artistic individual slat approach, or a single panel pack, you can bring interest to areas and wall spaces that may have been overlooked and forgotten.

Section out a small nook or seating area to relax, have brunch or read a magazine in. Highlight your kitchen island or breakfast bar by placing around the base, ideal for inviting friends around for nibbles and drinks. Or, add to an empty patch of wall between the two spaces to create the illusion of a new threshold. You will then have the freedom to decorate as you please.

Whether you choose to transform with kitchen splashback panels or add wood panelling to your kitchen and dining room in another way, you will be on track to impress your guests ready for hosting over the coming months. Once the season is over, you will be able to mix and match your soft furnishings and smaller décor pieces to reflect the new year and new seasons against these long-lasting kitchen wall panels with ease. The neutral and warm tones available are complimentary to various colour schemes and designs whilst the wooden textures are the ultimate timeless addition for your interiors.

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