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Using SlatWall Waterproof in your home

SlatWall waterproof natural oak panels around kitchen breakfast bar and in background on the wall

Our brand new SlatWall Waterproof wall panels are the perfect opportunity for you to get the classic slatted wood look, now suitable in those areas that have high footfall. The contemporary wood-effect appearance is ideal for sprucing up our most used spaces, keeping them easy to maintain whilst still looking stylish.

The range is fully equipped with a modular tongue and groove design to allow the panels to seamlessly interlock. You can even finish the look with a top trim and end caps. If you are looking for something a little more creative, try using our waterproof individual slats to build a completely bespoke design.

Unsure where to put the waterproof wall panels, or looking for a little inspiration? Here are three excellent room choices, with top styling tips, to get you started:

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SlatWall Waterproof as a feature wall behind a white bath


Bespoke bathroom wall panelling

Bringing traditional wood panelling into your bathrooms can instantly turn your current design into your very own personal spa experience. Using our waterproof panels allows you to create a sanctuary for relaxing after a long, hard day at work. Use the darker Walnut and Black colours to insert contrast and texture beside your bath and shower, or make a showcase of your vanity and sink. Alternatively, brighten up space with little natural light using our fully Natural Oak wood-on-wood effect panels. Each colour options will be a perfect match to your white suites and statement hardware.

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SlatWall Waterproof on entranceway bench seating


Welcome Waterproof Home

Hallways are often overlooked when renovating despite being the first part of the journey through your home. Build yourself an entranceway with the wow-factor to impress your friends and family. Using our waterproof panels is great for decorating bench seating as well as walls, so you can create a elegant yet practical place to put on your coats and boots before heading out into the crisp autumn weather. The panels are suitable for adding hooks and small shelves for the extra storage or a small house plant for a truly welcoming atmosphere.

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SlatWall Waterproof Individual Slats on the wall next to a breakfast bar


Creative kitchen walls

The festive season is about to begin as we invite friends and family round for celebratory nights, enticing sports events, and seasonal dinners. There is no better time than now to make sure your kitchen and dining areas are up to scratch and hardwearing for the parties about to take place. Upgrade your splashback with the easy to clean waterproof panels or offer your guests a cosy dining experience with the warm walnut textures and tones of SlatWall Waterproof. You can easily cut your panels down to size, with a fine-toothed saw, to wrap around a breakfast bar for a more casual entertaining space. No need to worry about foot marks when sitting on stools as you can clean the panel with normal soap and water.

Try a Waterproof Sample!


These waterproof wall panels are incredibly versatile and can be used in any room, not just bathrooms, kitchens and entranceways. Upgrade your dining area, turn your utility room into a space you want to show off, or build yourself an at-home bar for entertaining friends and family.

Installing is quick and simple. Apply our hybrid grab adhesive to the back of each panel and place on to your wall. The next panel will slot right in with the modular tongue and groove design, or round it off with one of our dedicated end caps.

Wherever you choose to place your SlatWall Waterproof, we would love to see your before and after images. Tag us @naturewalluk on Instagram to be sure we don’t miss it!


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