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Introducing SlatWall Waterproof

Introducing SlatWall Waterproof

We are proud to introduce you to the latest expansion of our best-selling SlatWall range, now suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and more. Our NEW SlatWall Waterproof collection is complete with a wood-on-wood effect and premium quality finish. The material of these fully waterproof wall panels makes it ideal for all those high-in-moisture interior spaces that are needing a little upgrade.


Why SlatWall Waterproof?

  • Being fully waterproof, these panels are easy to clean and maintain with normal soap and a microfiber cloth, making them long-lasting and durable for your home. 
  • Each panel is specially designed, exclusively for Naturewall, with a modular, tongue and groove end. When applying to your chosen surface, they simply slot together with ease. 
  • All of the colours available are perfect for residential and commercial use. Complete with a wood effect, the natural tones with seamlessly blend into your interior designs. 
  • Installation is quick and easy. Apply grab adhesive to the back of your panel and apply to your wall. It is as simple as that! You can even buy grab adhesive from our Accessories.
        Try a sample!


        Two images side by side. Left: Individual slats on wall and ceiling with strip lighting between. Breakfast bar setting. Right: SlatWall Waterproof in walnut on bench seating and wall behind.


        Products in the SlatWall Waterproof range


        SlatWall Waterproof Panels

        Our SlatWall Waterproof panels are available in Natural Oak and Walnut to bring in the feel of nature into your boot rooms and bathrooms. Additionally, you can replicate the appearance of our classic SlatWall panels by purchasing Natural Oak and Black, or Walnut and Black. Each panel is 16.8mm wide and 2400mm high. However, we sell them packs of 3 to cover a minimum width of 50mm.


        SlatWall Waterproof Individual Slats

        Create your own bespoke design with our individual slats, available in Natural Oak and Walnut. These slats are incredibly versatile to cut down, fix at angles, or use them as a top trim to offer a seamless finish to a half wall pattern.


        SlatWall Waterproof End Caps 

        Each panel has a tongue and groove fitting on either side for a quick and simple modular installation. Use our dedicated End Caps, available in all colours, to complete the look. Make sure to add these to your basket when shopping to ensure your transformation runs smoothly. 


        Two image showing different angle of same bathroom. White bathtub and slatwall waterproof on wall behind.
        Whether you choose to upgrade your entrance way, design a unique splashback, or are simply looking to renovate your bathroom, discover our full SlatWall Waterproof range to find a fit for you.


        Discover SlatWall Waterproof


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