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Our New Manufacturing Technique: Beam Saw

The UK's second-largest beam saw at Naturewall's Yorkshire, UK, factory.

As part of our panelling production expansion in Beverley, East Yorkshire, we've added new machinery to support our manufacturing goals. One of the most significant additions to the site is a beam saw. Ours is the second largest in the UK, allowing us to make panels at scale while maintaining our premium quality standards.

Wooden sheets stacked on the beam saw ready for cutting at Naturewall's British workshop.

What is a beam saw?

A beam saw is a woodworking machine that can process large amounts of materials, allowing for high-volume production. It's used to saw large sheets, such as MDF, into smaller pieces with speed and precision. On top of that, it also ensures accuracy when sawing more intricate cuts.

Computer software powers our beam saw, allowing us to change the size, angle and number of pieces required to suit different product specifications. 

The beam saw in production at Naturewall's UK factory.

How we use the beam saw to make wall panels

The beam saw is powered by software that we program with the dimensions we want to create. These may vary depending on the product our team is making on any given day.

With our beam saw being such a large piece of machinery, it's operated by a team of two. This is so we can load the materials and control the cutting safely and efficiently. In fact, the saw actually cuts material faster than we can feed it – that's how powerful it is.

Cutting panels with the beam saw is the first stage in production of our Tongue and Groove panelling, Reeded and Fluted panelling. It ensures each panel has completely straight edges for easy and flawless alignment when it comes to installation.

A craftsperson places wood veneer slats on a pallet in Naturewall's Yorkshire workshop.

What does this mean for Naturewall?

By bringing cutting in house, we can closely monitor quality, ensuring our impeccable standards are always met. It also means we can easily increase panelling production with rising demand, supporting our mission of becoming the number one global destination for design-led, decorative wall panels.