SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample
SlatWall MDF Sample


Discover another way to decorate with a SlatWall MDF sample. This easy-to-handle tester panel will help you familiarise yourself with the slatted structure and how it brings depth and interest to walls. You can also see our premium craftsmanship up close. Created at our Yorkshire factory, this sample is made from Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF and precision-cut with innovative machinery.

Designed for you to customise to your scheme, SlatWall MDF panelling can be painted in your choice of colour and finish. Trying a sample will allow you to test your shade, ensuring it's the perfect match for your vision, before bringing your final installation to life.

SlatWall MDF Sample

Unprimed slatted MDF wall panelling sample

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Dimensions and Details

SlatWall Sample Size (mm) H260 x W190 x D12
Slats (mm) W27 x D6
Gap between slats (mm) W12
Composition Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between SlatWall and SlatWall MDF?

SlatWall panels and SlatWall MDF panels have a completely different composition, offering different benefits. SlatWall features wood veneer and MDF slats on sound-absorbing recycled felt, introducing natural tones and textures to walls while enhancing the acoustics of the installation area. On the other hand, SlatWall MDF panels are made entirely of Hidrofugo MDF and designed for painting in your chosen shade and finish. The slats are carved into the material rather than cut into strips and affixed to felt. As a result, SlatWall MDF panels offer no acoustic benefit.

Do I need to prime my panels?

Yes, you will. After installing your panels, treat them with a water-based primer before painting. We recommend applying at least two coats of primer or more until you reach your desired coverage and lightly sanding between coats for the best result.

Why do some of the SlatWall MDF panels have a green core?

We craft the panels from Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF, which typically has a green core. Sometimes, this core is revealed when the profiles are machined, but this doesn't change the product's surface or paint application.

What is Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF?

Hidrofugo is a high-density, high-performance, moisture-resistant MDF ideally suited to all furniture, joinery and carpentry applications. You can use it with confidence in high-humidity areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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