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Interior Design Trends 2023

image of a kitchen with a white island, Slatwall ceiling and black ceiling lights

The moods focus on creating a spa-like atmosphere, or a playfully patterned room. The interior design trends 2023 are about filling the rooms with colors that reflect your personal style and uplift you every time you enter them. Spa-style is the biggest trend for the interior design trends 2023, or for every room to be so luxurious that you can't help but feel relaxed. The best way to create this space in your home is by incorporating natural elements. Our Interior Designer Olivia says “Nature inspired interiors have been a huge trend this year and will continue into 2023. Introducing wood, marble and stone into your home will help create a warm and inviting space”.


 Wall Panels for Interiors


Mixing Old and New

Individuality is becoming more prominent by designing spaces that reflect your personality and highlight aspects of your life. Create a unique home by mixing different styles and design periods. There is a celebration of everything vintage and retro, from furniture to colours and designs, so incorporate them! To make your space still feel contemporary, pair furniture from different eras. Olivia's top tip for a living room design would be to mix old with new, take a vintage wooden chest as a side table, styled next to a large bouclé sofa.

image of living room with SlatWall behind a shelving unit and textured walls




Celebrate those period features in your property. Keep the original wood floors or heritage statement tiles. These are what make your home unique! If you’re transforming a new build then don’t worry, you can still achieve some classic character with dated pieces of furniture and accessories. Regardless of your property, you can achieve a high-end bespoke look by looking for one-off second-hand pieces or upcycled furniture. These unexpected furniture items and accessories create an elevated look. To keep a cohesive scheme, try to stay within your existing palette, but if it’s time for a revamp then look for colours or materials that enhance your interiors.


Earthy Tones 

Earthy colours are here to stay in 2023, with golden hues and ocean blues set to be popular. Both have very calming aspects to them, with a huge focus next year being on feel-good spaces. We will also see a lot of sage green, warm reds and purples paired with neutral colours and natural materials. Comforting earthy tones create a welcoming space, reinforcing the trend to create relaxing spaces. These colours pair well with painted walls, wood furniture and paneling to compliment to look. “Dark, rich earthy colours are here to stay as we go into the summer months!”


two images of interiors of with earthy toned colours and warm lighting



Metallics and Luxury 

Mirrored surfaces, antique mirror finishes, smoked glass, gold, bronze, and brass hardware are a few examples of what to expect to see in 2023.

If these match your style then be on the hunt for marble, glass, gold, bronze, and antique surfaces to style alongside your wall coverings. These textures are seen as opulent and luxurious which contributes to the relaxing atmosphere. Statement features like chandeliers are great too, eccentric art and eclectic interiors add character and are completely unique.


a wall full of wall lights with metallic features


“Inspiration will be taken from high-end hotels to add a touch of luxury to our homes. Spaces can be elevated by bringing in metallic finishes, mirrors, and large statement furniture pieces. For example, take a large rug and pair a big corner sofa with a statement stone or mirrored coffee table in the centre. Think about scaling things up to create an inviting yet impactful room, just like a luxury hotel lobby.”

Olivia Crosher, Interior Designer

A subtle way to do this is to consider the smaller details in your home. Consider adding more candles and lamps to create mood lighting and establish the perfect ambience. Luxury is important; however, we need it to feel accessible and homely. Being able to create a grand space is amazing but being able to create that space yet make it personal and comforting is more important. We are moving away from formality in fashion by mixing styles and we are seeing the same transition in interior design.


image of hanging ceiling lights



Organic Shapes 

You will see lots of organic shapes in 2023, in furniture and decorations. Curved furniture and accessories mirroring organic shapes is a direct link to nature. We’ve already seen a love for large scale arches and circles to create wall features and this won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Olivia says “Soft shapes paired with earthy colours will create a calming interior and ‘cocooning furniture’ is one to look out for to create a feel-good space in 2023. Squishy sofas and cosy fabrics will be hot next year.”


Smoked Oak SlatWall with an arch door way and an image of an arch mirror


Textures and Craftsmanship 

There will be a big emphasis on hand crafted furniture, textiles, and accessories. The 2023 wall covering trend is celebrating handmade, long-lasting, hand-woven fabrics, painted prints, bespoke and unique textiles. Creating more individual and personal spaces that add something interesting and different to interiors. People are wanting to stand out and are slightly moving away from a complete minimalist style, instead, personal touches are being introduced whilst keeping a minimalistic tone.


image of a wall full of art and textiles


“The art of weaving with natural rattan, reeds, and certain bark material, wickerwork is quietly but firmly back on the design map. As people seek out design pieces and products which hold a story, and that carve a sustainable stance in the interior marketplace, wickerwork products offer both elements of chic status and sustainable living ethos. From high end to the high street, it’s making its mark.”

Stone, plaster, ribbed stone tiles and concrete finishes will be everywhere! Such a subtle way to add texture and depth, especially in a minimalistic space, they can be seen as feature walls, furniture or throughout the whole room.


long curved sofa with a SlatWall behind it


We are so excited to see these trends come to life and how you add your own personal style to them. We hope 2023 serves you and your interiors well, and that you enter the year filled with creativity!

(Kitchen Ceiling Image - @patrickandrosie)