Naturewall SlatWall panel on the wall behind a home office space with brown office chair.

Creating a flexible WFH space

Working from home is becoming the new norm but our homes are not always equipped for an office space. Check out some tips and tricks from our interior designer that will help you to transform spaces you already have to create a comfortable yet productive WFH environment.

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Nail working from home by creating a fresh and productive space, which is both multi-functional and stylish. We now need our spaces to do more, catering for entertaining, working, relaxing and everything in-between. Here are some simple ways to elevate your working space, with home offices being here to stay…


White desk used as a vanity space in a home. Naturewall slatwall panel on the wall behind with a hanging mirror

Multi-functional spaces and furniture 

If you struggle for space and can’t have a permanent home office set up, think about investing in furniture that can be used for more than one thing. For example, pick a statement side table that suits your interior style and creates a feature in your room. Hang a mirror above, and stick to minimal styling such as a lamp, houseplants and vases that can easily be moved to make room for a laptop. Simply pull up a dining chair or stool and you have a temporary desk that doesn’t compromise on style. Having a mirror permanently above this side table will also open the space and create the illusion of a bigger room.

Storage stools and benches are great versatile furniture item for optimising space. Giving the option to store everything out of sight, they also double up as extra seating if you are entertaining guests. Consider layering different materials and textures for these items to create warmth and depth in your space.

Multi-functional design is perfect for open plan living, giving flexibility to zone off a workspace and establish different areas within one room. Furniture such as a freestanding room divider or storage unit can be used to create a physical separation. To keep an open space, our feature wall panelling is the perfect addition to a space that can establish a dedicated area. Install a few panels on a large wall behind a desk or side table to create a stylish backdrop. This will not only give the space a purpose, but it will also add depth by visually splitting the room up. With the added bonus of bringing in beautiful tones and textures to your space, this is the perfect way to style up your WFH space - especially for those video calls!


Boho design chest of drawers with plants and wooden lamp on top. Naturewall slatwall panels on the wall behind

Bring the outdoors in

Establishing a connection with nature is a hot interior trend right now, with its proven benefits on wellbeing. Introducing houseplants and natural materials are two ways of creating a more calming and welcoming space.

Plants instantly brighten up a room by injecting greenery, which is a great way of introducing colour into a neutral interior, if you want to stick to a minimalist feel. Bold and bright colours are a hot trend for 2022, and you can add vibrance to your room by placing foliage in colourful glass vases on your desk.

Using natural materials in your workspace will ensure you keep the feeling of a warm and homely atmosphere that blends with the rest of your interior. Wood furniture, stone accessories and soft textiles will keep your space feeling less office-like.


Tidy workspace tidy mind

Storage plays a huge role when designing a work from home space, as we want the ability to tidy everything away and out of sight whilst keeping it within easy reach. The key is using furniture that compliments your home and interior, with storage being its secondary feature. Make use of practical furniture without sacrificing on style to keep your space versatile and adaptable.

Console tables with drawers and cupboards are great because you can storage everything and close it away, always keeping your space looking in-order for when you need to shut off from your working day. They are an investment-worth feature that fill an empty space or can be used as part of zoning a space by placing behind a sofa in an open-plan living area.

If your workspace is within a main living area or bedroom, take time at the end of your working day to clear the space and style your table with interior accessories that bring harmony to your room. Shelving can be utilised to house smaller office items whilst still being styled with on-trend accessories. Light a candle and place a vase with flowers in to transition into a calming atmosphere for relaxing or hanging out with family and friends.


Work from home office space. White desk with white shelves above. Naturewall Slatwall panel on the wall to the right.

Light and bright

Having a bright space is key to creating a productive workspace, but also a pleasant atmosphere within any home. Where possible, position your desk where there is a lot of natural light to enhance that connection to the outdoors and boost your mood. Adding a large mirror to reflect light around the room is a great way of brightening darker spaces, creating the illusion of a bigger room. You can also keep your space feeling light and airy by sticking to a pale colour palette. Think about using whites, creams, and beiges as the foundation as these will compliment all interior styles and set a bright base to work form.

When the darker evenings start to draw in, during the autumn and winter months, add a statement floor standing lamp or desk lamp to your workspace. Not only will these help light the area, they also work for zoning by solidifying the purpose of a space. Lamps are extremely versatile and can be used for their practical benefits, but also to create an ambient atmosphere by adding depth, warmth, and interest to any space.