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Five Ways to Decorate with Wooden Wall Slats

SlatWall Natural Oak individual wooden wall slats behind a grey sofa and black table with books, a plant and a lamp on top.

Want to give your space a bespoke touch? Our wooden wall slats offer versatility, allowing you to incorporate your personality in your interior design. Slatted installations provide a contemporary look, plus they're easy to DIY. All you need is a blank wall, a little time and some individual slats for a simple yet statement-making transformation.

Whether you're working with a new build or historic property, wood slats are an impactful, hassle-free way to add personality to walls. They'll take plain white box rooms from bland to grand and complement the character of period features, bringing them into the 21st century. 

SlatWall Charcoal Black wooden slats on a wall behind a woven white chair and a brown table surrounded by candles.

Why use wooden wall slats? 

If you love the look of SlatWall but want something a bit different – the kind of thing that piques interest and makes people ask, 'Where did you get that from?' – then wood slats for walls could be the perfect style for your project. Guests could easily be mistaken thinking you've spent days laboriously installing your design when, in fact, you can achieve it in a matter of hours.

Our individual slats are cut from MDF. This material ensures a precise, straight finish that won't warp or split like solid timber. However, you still get all the authentic beauty of the material thanks to the wood veneer covering the slats' front-facing surface. The natural characteristics – such as tonal variation and grain patterns – prevent your wall from feeling flat, and the 3D shape adds even more dimension. The same goes for our waterproof slats made with recycled materials; they're ideal for spaces in contact with moisture, like bars, bathrooms and boot rooms.

From hallways and kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms, spaces are quick and easy to transform with individual slats. Here, we've gathered stunning designs made with wooden wall slats that are anything but ordinary.

SlatWall Waterproof Walnut wood-effect wall slats in a seating alcove with beige cushions, a matching blanket and side table.

Elevate your entryway

Applying wood slats to the wall in a hallway or entrance ensures immediate impact when stepping inside your space. A linear layout will help you heighten the visual impact while zoning a specific area, such as alcove seating. This diagonal design made with our Walnut waterproof slats transforms a white wall into a contemporary corner, perfect for slipping shoes on and off or enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of coffee. The angled slats, wide spacing and vertical frame wrapping the sides result in a geometric backdrop with striking effect; it introduces depth while complementing the décor in the foreground.

SlatWall Grey Oak wooden wall slats in a living area behind a beige chair and two black tables with a lamp and accessories. 

Uplift your living area 

Want to add interest to a cosy corner? That's where individual slats come in. Take your reading nook up a notch with a geometric installation, like this design featuring our Grey Oak slats. This right-angled installation adds a fascinating feature to the seating area, demonstrating how simple and easy it is to get creative with single slats. By varying the size of the gaps between the slats, you can create an illusionary effect that makes small spaces feel larger. It also allows lighting to cast interesting shadows, producing an intriguing atmosphere. For added depth, we applied two complementary colours to the wall – white for freshness and greige to bring out the wood's warm undertone – as a geometric backdrop for the slats.

SlatWall Waterproof Natural Oak wood-effect individual slats mixed with strip lights on a kitchen wall and ceiling.

Contemporise your kitchen 

Individual slats are great for creating linear wall features with a layout of your choosing, giving freedom to include other elements in your installation – such as strip lights. Our slats are renowned for adding depth and dimension, qualities enhanced further by lighting. In this design, our waterproof slats in Natural Oak make a focal feature of the fifth wall by stretching on to the ceiling. The vertical layout combined with the asymmetric lighting creates an intriguing sense of continuity, making a contemporary grand design of this kitchen.

SlatWall Individual wooden slats in Deep Walnut on a wall behind a black dressing table with cream décor and a white chair.

Transform your dressing table 

Morning rituals can put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead, while evening routines are important for winding down come sunset. Therefore, showing a little love to your dressing table's backdrop makes sense.

Part of the beauty of individual slats is their versatility – you can apply them in any direction you wish. Take this 3D wall art design composed of Deep Walnut slats. Combining two sections of slats in alternating directions brings this area to life with stunning simplicity. We love how it adds a graphic element to the wall, elevating the overall space without detracting from the minimalist décor's elegant lines.

SlatWall Grey Oak wooden wall slats behind a white bed with black cushions and a grey blanket, next to a grey and white lamp.

Beautify your bedroom

Individual slats are a great way to give your bedroom a luxurious feel. Install them as an alternative to an upholstered headboard to zone your bed and give it a hotel-worthy makeover. And as they come in 2.4m and 3m heights, they're great for floor-to-ceiling features.

You can arrange single slats with small gaps in between to recreate the aesthetic appearance of SlatWall panels while allowing your wall colour to shine through. The Grey Oak slats making up this headboard design add warmth to the monochrome colour scheme, introducing a cosy, inviting ambience to the bedroom. Alternatively, create bespoke acoustic panels by applying your wooden slats to felt sheets before installing on your wall.



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