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Refresh Your Home

SlatWall behind a sofa with a black lamp and tulips in a vase

After a busy festive period, your home is in need of some care, new year, new interior! It may be the start of 2023 but that doesn’t mean a whole new renovation is needed. Sometimes all it takes is a little spruce up now the tree is down, wall panelling is so simple to put up you’ll be done in 30 minutes! A perfect way to start a new year is to declutter your space and make room for all the new interiors of 2023. A simple clean out can freshen up your interiors and makes space for new and improved additions.

Refresh with Natural Oak! 

Bright Interiors 

Time to welcome spring! Okay we know we’re still in January, but we are counting down the days till it’s bright and sunny, and not dark at 4pm. We want to welcome nature and what better way to do this than to incorporate elements in your homes? Natural Oak SlatWall is the perfect addition your home needs this new year. Natural elements, like wood, pair beautifully with essentially any colour. Whether you plan on changing your entire interior design or just want a slight elevation, SlatWall panels can help you achieve this.

Two images of flowers and natural sunlight shining on natural oak SlatWall

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Natural Elements 

Floral trends come and go, but spring flowers never go out of style making a post-Christmas space feel instantly fresher! Multiple plants will bring a sense of vibrancy and new life to your spaces, perfect for the new year. Investing in houseplants that purify the air can be a great way to start. Shades of green are calm and refreshing colours that pair beautifully with a Natural Oak or Washed Oak wood.

Earthy tones and neutral colours will be seen throughout 2023, especially as we head into spring and summer, they help bring a sense of the outdoors in. Pair large leafy plants and oak with rust, teal or sage to contribute to that wonderful earthy feel for a natural, soothing interior. Natural Oak is the perfect addition as it pairs beautifully with any interior, you might not even need to change much about your current style. Whether it’s a minimalistic Scandi vibe or a modern maximalist design, SlatWall will add a touch of nature to any space.

natural oak slatwall as a media wall


Warm Lighting 

After the cold and dark winter, it’s time to bring in some warmth. Lighting can be easily overlooked and forgotten once in place, but your lamps do more than just add light. Lighting can help elevate a space by highlighting aspects you were not aware of. A new statement lamp can be the focus or what’s being highlighted by the light. Don’t underestimate it, great lighting can revive a room. SlatWall and LED strip lighting are the perfect combination. Adding ambient light brings out the warmth in the wood and adds to the depth by highlighting the Slats on the panels. Natural Oak works best in this transition to Spring from Winter, as it has the right balance of warm tones, and pairs great with warm lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

media walls with slatwall and LED lights

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Natural Shapes 

While geometric shapes and sharp lines have been extremely popular in previous years, especially in minimalist spaces, curved furniture and decor pieces with soft rounded edges are now starting to take the lead. The perfect way to soften your interiors and get rid of those January blues is to incorporate some natural and organic shapes, whether that’s in furniture or decor, it’s time to introduce a natural aspect.

 Lets start the new year right by getting our homes right! There's nothing better than making your house feel like your home. 


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