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Top tips for hosting at home

This image shows a kitchen island with the SlatWall behind the shelves and a bar stool. The shelves display bottles of alcohol and an ice bucket

It's officially time to welcome the winter months! The days are shorter, and nights are longer. There’s even more of an excuse to spend your evenings indoors wrapped up with your friends and family.

Hosting at home may come natural to some, and as we enter the festive period, along with the FIFA 2022 World Cup, what a better time to show off your new SlatWalls and impress everyone. However, it can be quite overwhelming and if you’re not a Leo or Virgo, you might not be used to throwing parties. As we’ve headed back to normality from the past three years, it’s understandable if you’re a bit hesitant but if you want to enter your hosting era and don’t know where to start…don’t worry, Naturewall is here to help.

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There are two images, on the left shows a fireplace covered with SlatWall, a coffee table and someone's legs sitting on a sofa. On the right is the edge of a fireplace covered with the SlatWall, with  glass of red wine on the side.


The new waterproof SlatWalls are a perfect addition to any entertaining space. Whether you are bringing character to your new build or adding modern touches to a traditional build, SlatWalls are easy to apply and require low maintenance yet add depth and individuality to any room… you’re sure to receive compliments and will begin to give tips to those envious friends at your next get-together.

Two images showing a bar with a Walnut on Walnut SlatWall, displaying bottles on shelfs, a kitchen island with wrapped in the same SlatWall. On the counter there are two champagne flutes and a cheeseboard.



Planning and organising is your first step. You can never plan too much. Set a date and let your guests know, sending an actual invitation can be a nice touch to make it more official, rather than just a text. Make sure your guestlist is finalised and those who are attending are confirmed. Knowing this will make sure there is enough food and drinks to go around, having too much is always better than running low, especially on crisps and dip. Whether you're offering a three-course home cooked meal, ordering in, or just picky-bits, consider your guest’s favorite cuisine because this will make them feel appreciated and they will enjoy the night even more. Sharing plates are a great option too, this way there is always something to grab.

For either option presentation is key, especially if you want to come across like a pro. If you decide to opt for a sit-down meal, consider adding tall candles and greenery to add depth and colour, this not only adds to the aesthetic but creates an intimate atmosphere to share with your guests.

If the vibes are casual and more relaxed with a spread, then a little presentation goes a long way. Get creative and fill the table. Make sure there are no gaps on the table to create a busy but interesting display. Presenting your food on wooden boards is an easy way to achieve this. You can add garnishing, flowers, candles, fruit, dips, spoons... the list is endless! Remember, extra points for colour, especially within the food display.


Two images show a kitchen island and a grey SlatWall background, there is a cocktail with lemon and limes on the counter top.



Next tip – beverages! The more the merrier. Cocktails, beer, mocktails, wine and any other drinks you can think of. You want your guests to be relaxed and for their glasses to always be full. Creating a signature cocktail is a great way to create a memorable experience for your guests but try not to make them too strong because we still want them to remember the night! Try a gingerbread espresso martini for that extra festive feel. If you haven’t got the time to create your own cocktail then no problem, throw some garnish in a premade cocktail, or any drink for that matter, and you’re good to go – thyme or rosemary sprigs paired with lime, lemon or oranges are a beautiful addition.

Setting the right vibe is going to determine the rest of the night. Whether you are throwing a chilled dinner party or a quiet night in you want to make sure your guests are relaxed and comfortable. Music is going to ensure this so choose a playlist for the whole night and this should be played from the moment your guests arrive. If the entertainment of the night is a movie or football match, then make sure you avoid any technical difficulties – have everything set up before your guest come so once they arrive you can get started.


Two images with a Grey Oak SlatWall background. The image on the left shows a dining table and with dining chair and a blanket draped over. The image on the right shows a kitchen with the same SlatWall in the background. There is a kitchen island with two mugs, an open magazine and a vase with white lilies.


End of the night

Hosting can be chaotic, and toasts can be overlooked. But making sure you take the time to thank everyone for coming will be a special moment your guests will remember and appreciate. Surprise each guest with a glass of fizz and enjoy the opportunity to celebrate being together.

And when its finally time to wind down and clean up, don’t worry thinking your SlatWall needs a deep clean, even if there have been some spills, a simple wipe and its done. Our SlatWall Waterproof is designed to give you that durability to withhold a beer-soaked football celebration, or the red wine splashes from over excited dinner party guests.

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