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Where to start when decorating your first home

Light interior space with homely decor. Including a cream sofa, with black cushions, and a Naturewall SlatWall feature on the wall surrounding a TV.

Moving into your first home is incredibly exciting, giving you the opportunity to get creative and establish your personal style. It can sometimes be a little daunting at first, so we have some tips on how to get started with styling your home with confidence…


Naturewall SlatWall on wall in background. Grey sofa with grey blanket draped over arm.

Invest in large furniture items first

Starting simple is key to not getting overwhelmed at the thought of having every room to tackle in your home. Focus on your main living areas and start building a foundation based off key investment furniture pieces such as sofas, dining tables and coffee tables. Opting for classic and timeless pieces will give you the flexibility to experiment and find your style over time. Investing in these larger, quality items, you’ll be able to keep them in your home for years to come and easily switch up your room styling as colour and material trends change both seasonally and annually.

Once you have anchored your rooms with these items, you can then start thinking about smaller accents such as side tables, lamps, and soft furnishings. Start introducing these items gradually as this will allow you to really take the time to piece together your desired look. It’s important to remember there is no rush… creating a full interior scheme takes time!



Cream sofa will beige and white cushions. Behind is a Naturewall SlatWall feature wall

Build off a neutral palette

Establishing a colour scheme can be intimidating, but it is easy to create an interior that feels put-together by simply sticking to a neutral colour palette and using materials and textures to add interest.

Creams, whites, beiges, and warm browns create a soft and calming atmosphere, and you can add warmth and depth through layering. Having a variety of textiles when picking soft furnishings is key to preventing an interior feeling flat and lifeless. Cotton, linen, wool, and rattan are great examples of complimentary textures that feel cohesive. Bring these in through cushions, throws, rugs, curtains, and lampshades. These go well with materials like wood, marble, and stone, which may be featured elsewhere in your rooms. 

By sticking to a limited colour palette, it makes it easier to continue decorating a room with furniture and accessories as everything will be complimentary. Add and swap in other colours and materials until you establish what you like and don’t like. Again, starting simple is key!



Naturewall SlatWall on half of background wall. Contemporary gallery wall on the other side. Sak=lmon pink sofa in front with coffee table and decorative books and plants.

Add personality through smaller touches

Creating a space that feels like home is important to us all – we want to feel warm and content in our own little haven. By adding personal touches, you can establish an interior that reflects your personality and favourite things.

There are many ways to make your home feel inviting and comforting. Installing a gallery wall with pictures of family, friends and fun memories is a great way to instantly make your home feel more personal. Another way of stamping your personality on your walls is by hanging artwork or prints. Be as bold or as subtle as you desire – this is part of the fun of establishing your own style!

Re-purposing and upcycling furniture is another fantastic way to put your stamp on your new home and create that ‘lived-in’ feeling. Head down to your local charity shop, car boot sale or onto online marketplaces to grab a bargain whilst adopting a more sustainable way of shopping. It’s both fun and rewarding to create a unique piece of furniture that is completely bespoke to you and tailored to your interior style.



Open plan kitchen and living space decorated with Naturewall Individual SlatWall slats.

Experimenting with furniture layout

Furniture layout is an important part of any interior, particularly in open-plan or smaller spaces. With our homes being used for relaxing, entertaining, and working, we need our interiors to be multi-functional. Make the most out of your space by playing around with the placement of your large furniture items until it works for you.

Experiment with zoning open interiors by taking your sofa and rotating it so the back is facing your kitchen. This will instantly establish a separate living area and split up the room without cutting it off completely. You could go a step further by placing a side table or open shelving behind the sofa to create a more prominent division.

For smaller rooms, focus on using items such as large, oversized rugs or clever use of wall décor. Our brand-new Natural Oak and Black SlatWall (launching on the site Monday 27th June) would be perfect for zoning by adding visual interest whilst giving the illusion of a bigger space. Install vertically as a feature to establish a dining or living area where your ceiling will appear higher. Applying the panels horizontally will stretch your walls out and make the room look longer. This would work great as a feature behind a sofa to really create visual impact, but also compliment either a neutral or colourful interior scheme!


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