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New Colour SlatWall

New Colour SlatWall

Washed Oak

The new Washed Oak panels are perfect if you want to achieve that Scandinavian, pale wood look, especially when paired with the Grey Felt backing. The wood tones are cool and bright so pairing it with the grey will highlight this even further. 

Try a Sample Now!

 Two Washed Oak SlatWall samples, one on the left with grey felt back and one on the right with black felt backing


If you want a pale wood but want to add some depth then pair Washed Oak with the Black Felt backing. The cool bright tones contrast the black backing adding depth and a Japandi style, this works great if you have already incorporated some black accessories in your home or have a minimalist style.


Washed Oak SlatWall behind a bed with white bedding and a side table with a lamp


Deep Walnut

The new colour Deep Walnut is a perfect addition to our collection for those who love a deep and warm wood. The Deep Walnut SlatWall is rich in tone and pairs beautifully with the Black felt for a darker feel. The Black compliments the dark and rich tones within the wood and creates a depth.



Close up image of the Deep Walnut SlatWall with books and decorative items in front on a table

Deep Walnut can be seen on grey felting to create a lighter effect. The grey is less obvious so it doesn't take away from the deep tones in the wood. On a cool toned wall it will blend well and wont contrast.

Both colours are available as SlatWall Individual Slats if a Grey or Black Felt backing doesn't fit your design goals.



Two Deep Walnut SlatWall samples, on the right the sample has a grey backing, on the right the same has a black backing